Marks & Spencer customers are loving these gorgeous new £30 handbags

Most women will openly admit to having a wardrobe full of handbags - whether they are big, practical tote bags, smaller clutches for special occasions, or that designer handbag you really saved up for.

But now, Marks & Spencer have unveiled another arm-candy must-have, that’s probably unlike any handbag you have in your wardrobe at the moment.

The retailer has recently launched a velvet cross body bag, in a barrel style – and it’s perfect for the colder months.

The cross body bag has been made in an unusual circular shape, complete with zipped entrance and a long strap, to help you carry it any way you want.

It’s currently being sold in some very autumnal shades: a dark pink, and a chic, elegant burgundy.

The bags should also be super handy for your day-to-day activites. While they’re big enough to store your phone, keys, purse and anything else you need, they’re also small enough that they won’t weigh you down during the day.

And although the colder seasons are still some way off, it seems these chic new bags are going down a storm with M&S customers already!

The bag was recently posted on the Marks & Spencer Instagram page, and fans went crazy for the gorgeous item.

One customer wrote, ‘Ooooooh love them ❤❤❤’, while another said, ‘they are gorgeous! Especially the red one😍😍😍’.

A third shopper also wrote, ‘I’m in love 😍’.

While the M&S bags may (or may not) differ slightly from your usual choice of handbag, these are likely to be a very popular choice.

Velvet is one of the hottest fashion trends around at the moment, and barrel bags like these are slowly making their way into stores across the high-street.

But best of all, the Marks & Spencer bag is selling for the very affordable price of £29.50 – so you could have one of each colour if you wanted! You can buy the bag here.

We predict this bag design will be all over the shops come September. So if you want to pick up these M&S ones for your autumn wardrobe, we suggest you do it soon, before they sell out!