How To Haggle & Negotiate Yourself A Great Deal

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  • All big businesses now expect customers to ask for discounts, says w&h money expert Niki Chesworth. She shows you how to haggle...

    Want to save some money? You need to learn to haggle so you can negotiate yourself a great deal.

    Even call centres now have prepared scripts to deal with growing numbers of people haggling for a discount. If you ‘um and ah’ and say you’re going to shop around, their default position is often to offer you money off, a voucher or a discount on an extra. So don’t be embarrased to ask.

    A poll by found that some really large retailers are happy for you to haggle (so it’s not just something to use on market stalls). Homebase, Debenhams and John Lewis were among the stores where consumers had a success rate of more than 50 per cent when asking for discounts.

    So if most organisations are usually prepared to give you money off – or extras – you need to find the right language. The truth is that many of us aren’t comfortable with haggling. It all becomes much easier, and you’re more likely to succeed, if you use these top haggling tips…