How to keep tights up—this simple hack will stop hosiery falling

Learn how to keep tights up with this five second trick

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How to keep tights up? It's a conundrum. We love our tights, but we hate it when they start to roll down or to sag around our ankles. So how do you stop them from falling? 

Come on, we’ve all been there. You’ve made it out of the house on time, you're wearing one of your best midi dresses and your tights were absolutely fine, and then, out of nowhere, you find your tights are rolling down. Utterly perplexing, this has left many asking, 'why do my tights keep falling down?' But unfortunately, the truth is, pretty much all tights roll down, even the best ones, and while we’ve become accustomed to a discreet wiggle to realign their position, it doesn't stop the frustration. 

But there is also one method we have found for how to stop tights falling down, and it's cheaper, simpler, and speedier than you might think. And better still, you’ve probably got everything you need in your wardrobe already. 

How to keep tights up

tights falling down

We introduce to you, the ‘tights sandwich’. 

Never again will you have to run to the bathroom to hoist your tights up after they’ve rolled down past your belly button.  

So what does the ‘tights sandwich’ involve and how does it keep tights up?

As the name suggests, you sandwich your tights. This means you put your briefs and tights on as normal, before adding another pair of briefs on top of your tights—hence the ‘sandwich’ part. The pair of pants over the tights act as a hoist, holding your tights in place, ensuring they can’t go anywhere. Try our guide to the best underwear for some great briefs for this hack. 

Just remember, for this trick to work, the top pair of briefs needs to be firm and form-fitting, you could even use some of the best shapewear underwear as that tends to cling to your body more. 

If your tights are made of natural fibers, you could forgo your regular underpants and go commando, using only the top pair of pants to hold your tights in place. 

Opted for a bodycon number? There is a risk of a VPL—visible panty line. However, if you choose tight-fitting top pants and choose a seamless pair, you should be able to get away with it. 

If you’re looking to keep your tights from falling down, give this trick a try and banish rolling tights forever. 

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