Footwear That Won't Let You Down In Bad Weather


British weather is unpredictable. So it's always best to expect the unexpected, and be mindful when choosing your shoes.

January is a great time to invest in comfortable and sturdy footwear, to protect against the tempremental elements in the coming months.

Flimsy shoes are a no-go when it comes to rain, icy winds and bitter snow flurries. Instead, durability is key. Steer clear of suede-like fabrics when choosing practical winter shoes, instead opt for heavy-duty leathers and more forgiving materials.

So now is the time to snap up some stylish yet substantial winter footwear, to see you through into spring, and to have in your wardrobe when the colder months hit again later this year.

Here's our edit of the shoes that won't let you down:

Original Refined Chelsea Black Gloss, £95.00, Hunter

Famous for their iconic Wellington boots, the Hunter brand has adapted to produce stylish every day boots. These sleek Chelsea boots are totally weatherproof, and their lightweight design makes them great for day-to-day casual wear.

BUY NOW from Office for £95.00

Omni-Dry Stretch Riding Boot, £325.00, Russell & Bromley

These sturdy boots will protect your feet, whatever the weather throws at you. Their elasticated stretch panel moulds to the shape of your leg, for a snug and comfortable fit.

BUY NOW from Russell and Bromley for £325.00

Jessica Boot, £110.00, UGG

Stride confidently in these beautiful water-resistant boots, and safe in the knowledge that your feet will be protected against puddles and downpours.

BUY NOW from UGG for £110.00

Clarisse Chelsea Boots, £129.00, Ten Points

Flimsy and delicate boots just aren't an option when it comes to winter footwear. These robust boots are perfect for taking on the harsh winter elements, but they're also stylish with their military charm.

BUY NOW from Office for £129.00

Glick Darby Leather Shoes, £80.00, Clarks

Boots are not the only shoes that can see you through bad weather, these sturdy flat shoes are comfortable and waterproof - so won't let you down if you're faced with an expected rain shower. They're also ideal for work! BUY NOW from Clarks for £80

Biker Boots With Stretch Leg, £39.99, Zara

Add some edge to your winter wardrobe with these biker boots. These versatile shoes look great styled with a whole range of outfits from jeans to tights - so whatever the weather outside, you'll always look bang on trend. BUY NOW from Zara for £39.99

The Imperial Explorer, £375.00, Fairfax & Favor

Designed with a water-resistant coating, these chic boots are brilliant for day-to-day wear. So whether you're popping to the shops or meeting friends for lunch, these knee high boots are flattering on the leg and instantly make a casual outfit look well put together.

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Rider Long Boot with Buckles, £107.00, QVC

Not only are these boots splash-proof but they're also designed to keep you legs super toasty, (with their cosy lining). Pair them with skinny jeans and a stylish puffa jacket for a winning wintry look.

BUY NOW from QVC for £107.00

Germanie Boots, £100.00, Aldo

A contemporary twist on the traditional combat boot style. Revamp your winter wardrobe with these durable yet chic boots.

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