This bra brand caters to small-chested women—and shoppers are obsessed

Customers bought these bras 7x more than any other bra

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Style has evolved this past year to put comfort as a priority, so if it's not comfortable, why wear it? While bras give us extra padding and support, an underwire can stick out over time and poke our skin, causing discomfort. The online retailer Pepper, though, has designed two wireless bras made specifically for women up to size B that shoppers are obsessed with.

The best bra for women is different for everyone, but according to Pepper, customers are 7x more likely to choose their Everyday Lace Bralette and Limitless Wirefree Bra over any other bra in the past year. 

As summer comes, keeping your clothes lightweight is essential. A wireless bra makes a great option for wearing underneath the best summer dresses, especially for those with smaller busts. The ones Pepper designed were made to move with you whether you're working out, dancing, stretching, or simply going out. 

Working from home made it seem as though bras would be a thing of the past, but the company found wireless bras are proving to be the latest craze.

"Our sales have shown that customers are 2x more likely to opt for a wire-free bra since the onset of COVID,” explained co-founder Jaclyn Fu in a statement. “Since the pandemic, Pepper’s wire-free bra sales have increased 7x!"


Pepper Limitless Wirefree Bra, $48

Described to fit your boobs like "the perfect pair of yoga pants," this bra is versatile enough to be either a sports bra or wear it underneath your favorite t-shirt. It even comes in seven different shades to stock up on.


Pepper Everyday Lace Bralette, $38

A lace bra can add a touch of delicateness to your lingerie collection. This wireless option comes unpadded with three layers of fabric to prevent gapping and provide ultimate support.

The Limitless Wirefree Bra was so popular that the brand decided to release the Everday Lace Bralette as another wireless option.

"We can't keep them in stock and have sold out multiple times throughout the year," Jaclyn added.

Both bras were designed with small busts in mind to help support and avoid annoying gaps that can occur with other bras. While the lace bralette can add some elegance to your bra collection, the Limitless Wireless Bra is versatile enough to be a sports bra or regular t-shirt bra.

Reviewers are even calling Pepper bras a "Godsend", with many in agreement that they fit drastically better than most.

"I have always struggled to find comfortable bras that actually fit my petite body," wrote one reviewer. "Pepper is a Godsend. I ordered this bralette in two colors. They fit perfectly, and they’re great for those days where you just don’t want to wear a bra because it’s so comfortable!"

Another reviewer claims the bras are so "comfortable" they "forget that [they] have them on."

"I've had trouble with gapping from all other brands that I had tried," wrote another reviewer. "Pepper has bras that are so comfortable that I forget that I have them on, and they actually work under all shirts without any issue. They also have a flattering fit!"

Traditional bras are becoming overrated, so ditch the annoying wires and upgrade your bra collection to a more comfortable wireless option.

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