Princess Anne, is that you? Our fave royal looks incredible in on-trend black choker and gorgeous green frock

We never thought we'd live to see the day Princess Anne would wear something so edgy as a choker, but here we are

princess anne
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We can't get over this vintage, unearthed photo of Princess Anne from the '70s looking oddly on trend in an edgy black choker and a gorgeous green dress.

As most royal fans know, when Princess Anne steps out in style, she usually incorporates vintage, traditional pieces and sticks to conservative silhouettes, often also wearing items that pay homage to other members of the royal family. 

Recently, though, we found quite the hidden gem amongst Princess Anne's sartorial feats: a vintage photo of her from the 1970s, in which she's wearing an edgy black choker. 

Yes, you read that correctly. The hard working and traditional Princess Anne is wearing a black choker necklace. 

princess anne

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We must say, she's making a pretty strong case in this photo for a grunge aesthetic, wouldn't you agree?

This photo, which was taken in 1971 at the the Society of Film and Television Awards (which later became the BAFTA Awards) in London, showcases Princess Anne in a light we rarely get to see her in, especially nowadays. Of course, Anne had a bit of a reputation in the past for having some daring style choices in comparison to the Queen Mother (she has certainly debuted some extravagant outfits in the past, including her bold wedding looks) - but traditionally, we're not used to seeing the Princess step out of her skin a little bit. 

Needless to say, we're obsessed with this look. Starting with the choker, it is a thick leather strap, clasped rather close to her neck, and features a beautiful diamond detailing along the front for some added bling. 

We also love the emerald green hue of her dress, as it perfectly complements her chestnut brown hair. 


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Anne also gave a bit of an edgy touch to her makeup as well, opting for some thick black eyeliner, which is a far cry from the minimal makeup she wears on a daily basis nowadays. 

As this photo implies, Princess Anne was quite the whipper-snapper back in the day, often telling journalists and members to "naff off" when they used to approach her. Hilariously, some reporters are so intimidated by Anne that they often don't even have the guts to ask her what she's wearing. Unlike other female royals, she isn't exactly a fan of the press.

“She’s got a very good reputation but gets very little media coverage," Richard Richard Palmer, the Daily Express royal correspondent, once said. "There was a time when she wasn't very popular when she was younger and telling photographers to naff off."

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