The one question no reporter has 'the guts' to ask Princess Anne

Princess Anne is reportedly so intimidating to reporters that they never ask her a common question posed to other female royals

Princess Anne, Princess Royal visits The Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists on April 27, 2022 in London, England.
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The one question no reporter has 'the guts' to ask Princess Anne is who she's wearing. In other words, who designed the outfit she has on at public engagements. A journalist explains why and a royal expert adds the rude phrase she is said to have hurled at photographers.

During Kate Middleton and Princess Anne's first joint engagement, journalists were quick to ask what the Duchess was wearing. This isn't shocking, of course, as Kate Middleton's dresses are a point of interest for fashion fans all over the world. However, nobody has the gall to ask about Princess Anne's outfits.

According to Richard Palmer, the Daily Express royal correspondent, the info on Princess Anne's look wasn't shared ahead of their appearance. Presenter Pandora Forsyth asked him, "We got the outfit details for the Duchess of Cambridge but what was Princess Anne wearing?"

Hilariously, the royal correspondent answered, "Nobody had the guts to actually ask," about Princess Anne's outfits.

Kate and Anne are patrons for the charities focusing on the health of mothers and the experience of childbirth

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Despite many people thinking that she's the hardest working royal, “She doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight at all," said Richard. "She’s perfectly happy never dealing with the media at all and just going to charities."

Although there is a sexist rule that stops Princess Anne from covering for the Queen, it's crystal clear that she and other female members of the firm are much loved by the general public. It seems that the feeling is mutual, but unlike other female royals, Princess Anne isn't a fan of the press.

“She’s got a very good reputation but gets very little media coverage," added Richard. "There was a time when she wasn't very popular when she was younger and telling photographers to naff off."

Well, there's your warning—don't ask about Princess Anne's outfits!

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