7 pairs of beautiful gardening gloves that’ll add to the pleasure of preening your outdoor space

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  • Spending more time at home had us thinking about doing new things and improving our house. If gardening’s one of your newly-found hobbies, then we've been searching for the most beautiful gardening gloves out there.

    With so much time in our hands nowadays, it’s a good idea to venture into new hobbies. If you’re lucky enough to have some outdoor space, the chances are you’ve already tried out some gardening recently

    How to choose the best gardening gloves for you

    Always thought of being a therapeutic and relaxing activity, gardening can also be quite hard work. The dirt, sweat, spikes, and chemicals… These are just some of the reasons why you need some good gardening gloves in your arsenal to protect your green fingers. You don’t want to let accidents get in your way when it comes to perfecting your dream garden.

    When choosing the best gardening gloves for you, it’s important to keep in mind how heavy the work will be: light duty (sowing seeds and some general tasks); medium (potting, pruning and clearing); or heavy (landscaping, digging or mowing). We’ve made a selection of affordable (and chic, because why not?) gardening gloves to improve your tool kit next time you’re and about in your garden pottering.

    Gardening gloves that are beautiful you can shop right now