10 High Street Clutch Bags That Could Be Designer

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  • Whether it's for a special occasion or an every day office staple, browse our edit of the best clutch bags for sleek, sophisticated style

    Add a little edge to your ensemble with the best party clutches around

    Searching for that all-important party clutch bag? Perfectly formed, light to carry and so much easier to find things in than our usual oversized bags, the clutch is the ultimate party accessory. And with so many different clutch bags on the high street, there’s one for every taste and occasion.

    But the clutch isn’t just your evening outfit’s best friend; this clever buy is the ultimate chic accessory for busy women on the move. When your bag is smaller (and let’s face it – many of us have bags that are the size a small piece of luggage!), you’re forced to be more economical with what you put in it – meaning only the bare necessities make the cut. This means you’ll look stylish, without having to spend time and effort rooting through your bag to try and find your wallet.

    Whether it’s a classic black clutch bag with a twist you need for your next special occasion or an on-trend textured clutch to house your office essentials through the working week, this is the statement accessory to serve you for any upcoming event.

    We’ve found 10 of the best clutch bags on the high street, from eye-catching sparkling affairs to chic all-black numbers. Metallic box clutches with textured detail are a failsafe for those on the hunt for a wedding guest accessory, while bright colour pop clutch bags work wonders to boost a workwear outfit. Want a bag that’s effortlessly cool? Embroidery or embellishment clutch bags look fabulous for a laid-back party vibe.

    So, whether you’re hunting down an oversized clutch bag you can pop your iPad mini into or a simple statement box clutch to complete your event outfit, we’ve got the perfect bag for every style and occasion. Click through now to browse our pick of the ultimate accessory to lift your look…

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