Why You Must Try Serum Makeup

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  • The best new makeup launches are boasting serum formulas. Here's why you need to try these concealer, foundation, bronzer, blusher, lipstick and mascara hybrids.

    Few beauty products give you more bang for your buck than makeup hybrids, which fuse a thwack of flattering tint with a host of skincare benefits. Enter serum cosmetics; foundations, blushers, lipsticks, concealers and more that envelop each of those qualities in textures that glide over your skin.

    But it’s not just the beautiful feel and the second-skin nature of these tints that pleases. So, how about a little refresher course on what a serum is? More concentrated than a moisturiser, these treatment fluids boast a feather light feel, and are designed to target specific beauty woes such as dark spots, fine lines and dehydration.

    In makeup, this sees Bobbi Brown’s new concealer camouflage dark circles while tackling pigmentation, while Perricone MD’s blusher lends a firming boost to cheeks. And, such is the buzz surrounding serum makeup, you can now wear a full face of flattering tints that are simultaneously treating your t-zone, under-eyes, lips and lashes.

    Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer, around £9.17
    One of the many wonderful things about the introduction of UK shipping on Sephora is the store’s eponymous line of skincare, makeup and beauty tools. Their formulas are as forward thinking as those of the many premium brands they sell, with their Gel Serum Concealer standing as dark circle-diffusing proof.

    A silky slip of a tint, its weightless texture allows the luminous pigments to veil over creases, camouflage circles and seamlessly brighten skin. A bonus for the sleep-deprived: the pineapple ceramide works overtime, bumping up the brightness under your peepers the more you sweep it on.