Which Cleansing Brush Is The Best?

On the hunt for the best cleansing brush? We've rounded up facial brushes to target every skin concern, from oily t-zones and acne to dry complexions.

Once a mere marvel and now a bathroom mainstay, the cleansing brush perches on the shelves of the chicest homes and the most complexion savvy of women. Why? Because these gadgets have proved they’re no gimmick; they’re a sure-fire way of banishing a slew of skin concerns and cleaning deeper than your fingertips ever could.

One of those concerns is pollution. Think it’s not a problem for your complexion? Think again, as studies show that pollutant particles can stick to your skin cells and wreak havoc. A scattering of dark spots, a dull pallor and accelerated ageing are just some of the skin woes that can crop up on faces regularly exposed to toxic air.

A cleansing brush can tackle such particles – as well as makeup and the day-to-day grime that clings to your skin – in a way that no amount of cleansing balm can do alone. And because, as it spins, oscillates or vibrates, it’s sweeping away dead cells, it clears the way for your toners and moisturisers to absorb much deeper, and work much harder. Now, if that’s not an incentive for bountiful buffing, we don’t know what is.

They require little maintenance, too – though the heads need replacing every 2-3 months, if you keep your brush somewhere cool and dry, you shouldn’t struggle with bacteria build-up. If you’re a first-time buffer and your skin is fragile, ease in by scrubbing skin 1-2 times a week first, before building up to a daily cleanse as your pores become used to the purging.

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