woman and home-6 steps to creating a smoky eye

VIDEO: How To Do The Perfect Smoky Eye

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  • Do you know how to do a smoky eye?

    It’s right up there with a red lip in the league table of iconic beauty looks. But despite being a bonifide classic, there’s something about this universally appealing look that many of us just can’t seem to master.  

    Whether you’ve been scarred by past smudgy attempts, are worried it might be too strong a look for you, or just want to brush up on your shadow skills, learning how to do a smoky eye is an essential make-up skill that you’ll use forever. And the best thing is, with the right advice it’s actually so simple to master!

    Woman & Home Deputy Editor, Emma Justice, loves to experiment with beauty products and techniques but has been put off doing her own smoky eye make-up after previous attempts were less than successful. We set her up with celebrity make up artist Charley Duffy, who in this exclusive video shows Emma (and you) the simple, professional route to a beautiful smoky eye in less than two minutes. 

    Having made up the A-List faces of Helena Christensen and Elle MacPherson, as well as Woman & Home cover stars Dawn French and Ruth Langsford, Charley knows everything there is to know about creating beautiful, flattering make-up looks. Here she shares her best tips and advice, including ‘windscreen wiper’ blending, which liner formula will really stay put and how to apply mascara so your eyes pop. 

    So, sit down in front of a mirror, arm yourself with an eye shadow palette, a brush, some liner and mascara then give it a go! Once you’ve mastered the basic technique, playing and experimenting with different shades of shadow to find your signature look is just part of the fun. After two minutes with our how to do a smoky eye video, you’ll never look back. 

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