Strange Beauty Trends With A Big Following

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  • We’ve adjusted our make-up colours, pinned a whole lot of hair colour inspiration for the season, and figured out how the latest beauty trends – as seen on the catwalk – will fit into our lives (and our makeup bags). But as usual, there’s something a bit out there/ a bit high-tech/ a bit jaw-droppingly odd that’s grabbed our attention. And sometimes we have to ask, is that really a thing? Every time we think we’ve seen (and marvelled at) it all something comes along to rock the beauty world – clown-to-contour makeup anyone?

    Right now, we have plenty to wonder about, as this round-up of everything from the subtle to the down-right out-there beauty trends shows. Have you tried any of these? Would you put them on your health and beauty bucket list for the year?

    The Carbon Face Mask

    This one has been doing the rounds on social media with plenty of beauty bloggers and vloggers getting stuck in. With its big name, the My Scheming Blackhead Acne Removal Activate Carbon 3 Step Mask Set also makes a BIG promise: to remove stubborn blackheads and impurities and leave your skin smooth and soft. Can this mask be so utterly revolutionary? And all for less than £15? Honestly, it’s had mixed reviews. And a lot of videos of eyes watering as the mask peels away.

    Microblading Brows

    Brows are still big news. And with the rise of the eyebrow come new products and treatments. Now it looks like women want a more permanent solution for fuller brows, but one that’s less time-consuming than trying to grow in over-plucked hairs and more subtle than than merely pencilling them in. Say hello to Microblading. Basically a semi-permanent facial tattoo, pigment is inserted in fine lines under your skin with a hand-held tool (not a machine) to mimic individual brow hairs. The results last for about 3 years, but need regular touch-ups. Sounds more painful than plucking or threading though!

    Wet Hair Look

    latest hair trend is sleek in a wholly different way. It’s not a lovely
    glossy blow-dry, but more the step prior to that, when you step away
    from the shower (or salon basin) with a dripping wet hair plastered to
    the top of your head. Apparently, this slick look is effortlessly
    sexy… at least half of that statement is true. Jury’s still out on
    this one though!

    The Placenta Face Mask

    There’s nothing like a celebrity beauty endorsement, but plastering
    a placenta-based product over your skin might be going a little far. Cited as a way to help skin rejuvenation and boost collagen, a
    whole slew of celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Harry Styles and
    reportedly Simon Cowell, jumped on this odd trend for face masks made
    with sheep placenta a little while ago. But it’s popped back up in
    conversation recently, especially with the trend for natural skincare!
    Maybe we’ll leave it to the Kardashians to road test this one for now.

    Fake Freckles


    Did you think it was odd when people used to draw beauty spots on their faces? And then that extended to drawing a full scattering of freckles? Well now it’s gone a step further with adhesive freckles! We know they’re cute, but that’s just a bit far isn’t it?

    Pro-biotic skincare

    Mostly we associate dairy products and pro-biotics with digestion and gut health, so it seems counterintuitive to rub it into our faces! We’re not talking about massaging your morning Yakult into your skin though – it’s far more high tech and targeted than that! A series of brands, such as Aurelia, have launched pro-biotic ranges – in particular featuring lactobacillus and bifidobacterium – that are supposed to calm inflammation. Maybe it’s not so strange after all?

    Make-up Detox


    Natural-looking makeup is one thing, but going completely natural is the stuff of nightmares for some of us. It is, however, high on the beauty trends list this year after Alicia Keys and a few other celebrities openly decided to stop wearing make-up last year. The idea of a total make-up detox might bring you out in hives, but hey, if the other trends and treatments work you should be glowing enough to go without surely?

    And if not, you can retreat into the…

    Japanese Swaddling Trend


    Not strictly a beauty trend, this out-there Japanese fad is credited with improving posture and flexibility, as well as leaving you feeling relaxed. The process, called Otona Maki (Adult Wrapping), is based on baby swaddling but has adults wrapped in a sheet while holding a yoga-like pose. They are then rocked gently from side to side for 20 minutes. Sounds relaxing to us. And, as we all know, good posture boosts circulation, which in turn can have amazing benefits for our skin. Who’s first in line?