The 10-Step Asian Skincare Routine

Everything you need to transform your skin with Asia's cutting edge skincare technology

It’s fast becoming clear that Asia are leading the way with their skincare knowledge. They are faster at applying new technology to their products – some say around 8 to 10 years ahead of us – and they take the time to spend at least half an hour every morning and evening attending to their routine.

While we are used to a three-step skincare routine, Asian women will apply around 10 products twice daily. This includes the all important double cleanse, a softening lotion, targeted emulsions, serums and creams; plus sheet masks, which focus on specific concerns.

To see the benefits of this new routine, products should be carefully layered, from the lightest to the heaviest and gently patted or massaged onto the skin with care. These techniques and the products that follow will leave skin luminous, fresher and younger looking.

Read on to discover the products and techniques you need to know to transform your skin today…