Start your collagen journey now for better skin, hair and nails this New Year!

Ready for your best hair and skin yet? Gold Collagen- the UK’s leading collagen brand and the only clinically proven collagen - offers visible results in just three weeks.

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With a new year, comes a full list of New Year resolutions. And if yours has anything to do with looking and feeling better, then you better get your pen and add ‘start my collagen journey’ to the list. Collagen has been around for a while, however Gold Collagen was the first liquid collagen supplement to enter the market in 2011, and remains the best-selling supplement in Boots. But what makes their products so successful - and why should you start adding collagen to your diet now?

1. Visible results in 3 weeks

After using the bestseller Gold Collagen Forte, users report that their skin looked more hydrated after just three weeks of consuming one bottle a day. After six weeks, signs of ageing (fine lines and wrinkles)  are reduced and after nine weeks, skin is more elastic. For an even more enriched formula, Gold Collagen created the Forte Plus - an enhanced version that contains the most complete age-defying formula for women 40+, stimulating your natural collagen formation and hair growth. It’s also full of antioxidants that help combat ageing and its additional benefits include improving heart health and supporting hormonal balance.

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2. It improves hair health

Hair health is a big concern as women get older and while collagen in general helps, Gold Collagen counts Hairlift as an option for those suffering from hair thinning or hair fall.  The formulation, enriched with Rocket extract, Keratin and Biotin, supports your natural hair cycle and Keratin Formation (to help keep your hair strong), keeping your hair looking full, thick and healthy. 

3. Backed up by science

Having done an impressive 13 clinical studies, all Gold Collagen products are based on scientific research. They have studies published in 12 peer-reviewed papers, four patents and received three awards for Recognition of Excellence in Science from The Royal Society of Medicine; Dubai Derma; 5-Continent Congress 16 awards for Recognition of Excellence in business. They also won 'Best Skincare Supplement' at the Marie Claire Skin Awards for Forte Plus in 2022.

4. Highest quality ingredients

From Forte to Hairlift, Gold Collagen rely on the best ingredients to deliver results. The new Gold Collagen Forte Plus includes 23 active ingredients, like Rocket, Biotin, Borage Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins C, D, E and B5 and B6 to name a few, which have all been selected for their skincare benefits. 

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5. Better absorption power

Collagen is better absorbed by the body in liquid form (rather than powder or tablets), not to mention it’s more practical to take. The Gold Collagen products come in small bottles that deliver your daily dose of collagen for the day and make it easy to add it to your routine.

Dr Martin Godfrey, from Minerva Research Labs, says, “Because of their size, tablet collagen supplements also cannot be guaranteed to contain an ample amount of collagen, meaning you would need a further supplement to get the same dose and receive the same benefits.

“Once absorbed into the body, liquid supplements are far more bioavailable meaning they are digested and reach the bloodstream quicker than other forms of collagen”. 

5. It’s environmentally friendly

Daily doses could mean a lot of waste but thankfully all of Gold Collagen’s products come in recyclable glass bottles. After you have your dose of collagen of the day, all you have to do is pop the bottle in your recycling bin.

6. No preservatives

As well as making sure the ingredients they use are of the highest quality, Gold Collagen also makes sure their products are sugar-free, no GMO, and gluten and lactose-free. However, don’t worry because the flavour doesn’t suffer - their blends go from a delicious peachy taste to a peach and lychee taste and even fruit punch. You can add them to your smoothie but it’s best absorbed when consumed on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning.

7. Gold Collagen also do good

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Gold Collagen’s mission is to enhance overall well-being, and that’s why they created the "Make Every Sip Count" campaign with Mary’s Meals - an organisation that sets up feeding projects in some of the world’s poorest communities, helping children with their nutrition so they can focus on their education. For every bottle that subscribers drink, the brand provides a school meal to a child in need in Malawi, Zambia or Kenya. 

"We believe that small actions can lead to significant change," says Tony Sanguinetti, CEO at GOLD COLLAGEN®. "Our partnership resonates with our customers, who share our vision of holistic well-being and social responsibility. By joining hands with Mary’s Meals, we're excited to see our customers contribute to a brighter future with every sip."

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, Founder and CEO of Mary's Meals adds: "We are so grateful to Gold Collagen® for this very exciting and generous initiative. It reflects a common belief that little acts of love can truly change the world. Such acts are more important than ever right now, as hunger levels rise around the world and millions of children are missing out on the chance to learn". 

Gold Collagen aims to provide 1 million school meals to children in need in the coming year you can now be a part of this!

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