7 award-winning problem solvers for all complexion issues

No matter your complexion concern, one of these skin saviours will come to your rescue

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Nobody has perfect skin; we all suffer from our own individual imperfections and issues. Tailoring your products to your specific concerns is one of the best ways to improve your skin and these award-winning problem-solving skincare promise to look after you. 

Targeted treatments are a great way to ensure your skin issues are getting the attention they need. You might seek an anti-ageing eye cream for your crow's feet or daily hyperpigmentation treatments. These problem solvers promise to effectively and quickly come to your rescue. 

If you're in the market for a retinol for sensitive skin or wondering how to get rid of acne, then we have the perfect products for you. 

7 award-winning problem solvers for all complexion issues

7 award-winning problem solvers for all complexion issues

Best for redness

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1. Sorted Skin 5-in1 Anti-Redness Day Cream SPF 50

Best for redness


RRP: £29.99

Instantly conceal redness brought on by rosacea, acne, broken capillaries or stress with this green-tinted cream. Packed with prebiotic ingredients to support the skin's microbiome; this is seriously soothing for sensitive complexions. It's infused with a cocktail of skin-loving ingredients including vitamin B & E, shea butter and oat extracts – essentially, this is like a soothing blanket for your complexion. Pop on as the last step in your skincare routine to keep skin protected against UV rays, hydrated and neutralised. 

Expert judge and dermatological surgeon Justine Hextall had this to say. "This product is hugely appealing with its multi-benefit features. On applying, the product felt soothing and glided onto skin, concealing redness instantly." She continues, "The coverage was so impressive that this could easily be used in place of a foundation. The finish you get is a healthy natural glow with any redness neutralised. The product is a delight to use – it's a real winner!"

Best for fine lines and wrinkles

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2. The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Duo

Best for fine lines & wrinkles


RRP: £125

With ingredients like DMAE; esteemed for its ability to enhance skin elasticity and luminosity. MSM which works to improve skin quality and texture, plus, ginseng renowned for its exceptional rejuvenating properties, expect noticeable anti-ageing benefits from this hard-working duo. Made up of a morning cleansing gel and an evening serum, this is designed to work in harmony to deliver impressive firming, smoothing and brightening results. 

Skincare expert, Diane Ackers, really enjoyed trying these. "I loved this anti-oxidant duo! The texture and scent are delightful." She says, "They sink into the skin and are absorbed in seconds. It’s a great way to start the day with its zingy fragrance and provides a perfect base for make-up as skin is left feeling so hydrated and smooth. It gave my skin a new luminosity – this one’s a keeper!" 

Best prescription acne product

an image of Skin + Me Daily Doser

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3. Skin + Me Daily Doser

Best prescription acne product


RRP: From £4.99, £24.99 thereafter

Offering a direct line to a team of dermatologists, pharmacists and skin experts, Skin + Me is on a mission to change the face of skincare. Delivering a powerful, personalised solution to skin problems from acne, pigmentation, melasma and menopausal complexions, the brand comes to the aid of stressed skin.

Beauty editor Stephanie Maylor is a fan. "One of the first brands to launch a virtual dermatology service, I often recommend Skin + Me to my friends and family. It’s brilliant to receive advice and prescription-grade formulations customised to my skin, direct from a dermatologist." 

She continues, "The daily doser arrives in the post reliably each month, and the twist-and-click doser ensures the actives stay fresh and you’re applying exactly the right amount. It’s definitely kept my complexion a lot more even, and I get fewer breakouts. I recommended it to my sister for her acne and she’s now a faithful convert." 

Best for crow's feet

an image of Medik8 Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye

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4. Medik8 Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye

Best for crow's feet


RRP: From £42

This clinically proven nighttime eye cream contains next-generation retinal (a more powerful form of vitamin A, working even harder than retinol) to deliver remarkable, visible smoothing results. Recommended by dermatologists and experts worldwide, this powerful anti-ageing eye cream is available in three different strengths so you can keep increasing to see results. Use before bed and wake up to a brighter, smoother and less puffy eye area after the first use.

Group Beauty Director Sarah Cooper-White was left seriously impressed. "I don’t often use eye creams as I rarely see results from using them, but this has turned me! I used it on one eye to compare results and after using it for 10 days I can genuinely say it has softened and reduced my crow's feet. Also, I was worried that using it every night would make my eye area sensitive, but it hasn’t. It gets top marks from me." 

Best booster for sensitive skin

an image of MV Skintherapy Rose Plus Booster

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5. MV Skintherapy Rose Plus Booster

Best booster for sensitive skin


RRP: £99

Each bottle of this skin booster contains thousands of precious petals picked from Bulgarian Damask roses. It boasts an array of incredible skincare benefits including nourishing, calming, plumping, balancing and radiance-boosting. The multi-award-winning product is a concentrated formula that is exceptionally potent to help deliver the best possible skincare benefits. 

Skincare expert Fiona Brackenbury tested this and called it, "A stunning blend of oils that deeply replenish and nourish the skin. It evokes a feeling of calm and peace – this is a gorgeous skin booster." 

Digital Beauty Writer Naomi Jamieson also loved this. "This booster oil is just as much of a treat to the senses as it is to the skin. I found the formula very hydrating and left my skin looking radiant. It pairs well under my moisturiser and makeup and offers my skin an extra glowy boost whenever it’s feeling dry or lacklustre." 

Best anti-ager for sensitive skin

an image of BYOMA Sensitive Retinol Oil

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6. BYOMA Sensitive Retinol Oil

Best anti-ager for sensitive skin


RRP: £17.99

If you suffer from sensitive skin then it's likely you've been wary of trying retinol, which can be an infamously irritating ingredient. The powerhouse ingredient is fantastically effective but also can cause delicate complexions to feel sore. Enter Byoma Sensitive Retinol Oil, which is designed to suit the most sensitive of complexions. 

Formulated with a rich base of Soybean, Sunflower Seed and Carrot Oil, this is designed to counteract the negative effects associated with using retinol. Ensuring all the usual anti-ageing benefits are delivered without irritation or dryness. This is clinically proven to increase firmness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, brighten your complexion and increase skin elasticity.

Use this every evening as your last skincare step by drizzling 4- 6 drops onto clean palms and pressing into the skin until fully absorbed. Start by using 2 - 3 times a week until your skin builds up a tolerance to the ingredient. 

Best for hyperpigmentation

an image of Emma Lewisham Skin Reset Face Serum

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7. Emma Lewisham Skin Reset Face Serum

Best for hyperpigmentation


RRP: £85

Containing 20 synergistic energies that powerfully even your skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation and restore radiance, this serum does it all. The intelligent ingredient system works to reduce the production of melanin which leads to hyperpigmentation marks on your skin. So, if you're someone who suffers from dark spots, then you'll adore this lightweight serum. 

Cosmetic doctor Lauren Hamilton and one of our expert judges tested this and thought it was award-worthy. "This is a lovely serum. My complexion is noticeably brighter. I also love how the brand has such a great sustainability ethos, too." 

Infused with the brand's next-generation vitamin C and seven alpine plant extracts, this restores your skin's radiance. Clinical trials found that 90% of participants noticed pigmentation had significantly reduced. 

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