Skin Fact Or Fiction?

1. Heavy creams cause white spots

FICTION – Soap & Glory’s Marci Kilgore says: ‘Milla, those little white spots under your skin, are due to lazy absorption of keratin.’ Try Soap & Gory The Greatest Scrub Of All Facial Exfoliator, £9 – it works wonder.

2. Mineral oil should be avoided as it causes blackheads

FICTION – Nonsense. ‘The molecules are too big,’ says Marcia. ‘It just sits there, like a liquid bump, on top of your skin and doesn’t penetrate.’

3. Sleeping on your back may prevent wrinkles

FACT – Dermatologist Karen Burke can predict which side we sleep on by looking at our faces. The American Academy of Dermatology agrees that sleeping in certain positions may result in deep ‘sleep lines’, so start lying on your back now!

4. You can close open pores

FICTION – Sadly, pore size is generic, so although ingredients such as salicylic acid are clamed to shrink piores, they only work temporarily. According to L’Oreal’s Julie McManus, ‘exfoliating off the top layer of dead skin cells will make a pore appear smaller.’ Try Murad Exfoliating Cleanser AHA/BHA, £34.

5. Wash your face AM and PM

FICTON – Almost every skin expert agrees that over washing often leads to irritation and dehydration, as you’re stripping away the protective natural barrier of sebum. The ideal is to clean well before bed, at the time when skin repairs itself, and only cleanse in the morning if your skin looks shiny. ‘Its a matter of personal preference,’ says Julie. ‘Quite often we get into the habit of cleansing, but should look at the way the skin responds.’

6. Using a mobile phone cases spots

FACT – Touching your face regularly transfers what is on your hands to your face, that much we know. But it’s now believed that mobiles are one of the biggest carriers of germs. Experts say the average phone has more germs than a toilet seat. Make sure you take a hygienic wipe to your phone’s screen regularly.

7. Licking your lips makes them moist

FICTION – The first thing we do if our lips are dry is lick, but moistening this skin makes it drier. Keep a nourishing lip balm to hand for when they feel dry. Try Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1, £9.50.

8. Vitamin E prevents scarring

FICTION – Vitamin E actually works against scar healing,’ says Marcia Kilgore. Studies show that applying vitamin E to skin post-surgery has been seen to be an irritant. Vitamin C it seems surfaces. Try REN Radiance Perfection Serum, £35.

9. Not wearing glasses may lead to wrinkles

FACT – ‘An expressive face ages faster,’ says cosmetic surgeon Dr Jan Stanek. So it follows that any repetitive facial movement leads to fine lines. Ignoring the need for glasses means more squinting, and this leads to – you guessed it, wrinkles. So wear your glasses and sunglasses.

10. Steaming cleans skin gently

FICTION – ‘Steaming can actually dehydrate the skin, causing excess oil production instead, which results in breakouts and broken capillaries,’ says Marica Kilgore. If you enjoy steaming your face at home, do it once every two weeks for no more than five minutes at a time, holding your face at least 18 inches away.