Parlux Alyon hair dryer review: a racy dryer loved by the pros

Considering buying the Parlux Alyon hair dryer? Here's everything you need to know

Parlux Alyon
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Woman & Home Verdict

Much adored by hairstylists and beauty editors, this sophisticated Italian hair dryer is proof good things come in small packages

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Compact and extremely light

  • +

    Reliable and durable

  • +

    Stylish design

  • +

    Simple controls

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Limited bells and whistles

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Parlux Alyon could be the most well-known hair dryer you've never heard of. Cast your mind back to a time before a certain scene-stealing British brand came along and flipped the script on what it meant to be the best hair dryer (opens in new tab)money could buy. If, back then, you had asked any Beauty Editor or Hair Professional what dryer you should buy, there’s a very strong chance Parlux would have been the answer. 

This Italian brand is renowned by those in the know for making powerful, stylish dryers that are built to withstand continuous use in professional environments – and the Parlux Alyon is a fine example of why that reputation is still thoroughly well deserved. 

Everything about this compact and lightweight dryer is a pleasure, from the stylish and sleek design – in no less than ten colourways – to the intuitive controls and powerful, reliable motor. Heck, even the styling attachment nozzles look great and fit like a dream. You won’t find anything outside the norm here in terms of special settings, but honestly, for home blow dries (often followed by a going-over with the best hair straighteners (opens in new tab)) how many of those bells and whistles does the average person use anyway? 

Put it this way: Walk into a fancy salon or on to a beauty photoshoot and you’re very likely to spot a Parlux in the hands of the stylist and there’s a good reason for that. This is an absolute workhorse packed into an agile Italian stallion body. 

Parlux Alyon Design 

Unusually lovely. If we’re sticking with the Italian theme, you could say it is the Lamborghini of the hair dryer world. This looks slick, nimble and somehow fast, with a curvy head, nippy little handle and glistening front and back vents. Even the styling attachments are pretty slick, which is a stark contrast to just about every other hair dryer’s flimsy plastic numbers. 

You can choose from ten colours, which is a fun touch, and you know there’s not a naff tone amongst them: Classic black if you’re feeling safe, graphite, bronze, turquoise, night blue, pink, coral orange, jade, a pretty lemon yellow and a zippy margarita green. The slightly ridged texture of the outer casing creates a very pretty light reflection if you happen to catch the sunlight on it through the window. On testing, the jade model threw prism-like shards of light on to my bedroom wall.  

Weight and size 

Looks aren’t everything, of course, and the most pleasing thing about the design of the Parlux Alyon is how it feels in the hand. At just 425g, this is a true featherweight product, only a shade heavier than your average travel dryer, and yet it can match any of the big boys for power and speed. Size-wise, it’s a dainty little thing, too, around 18cm across and barely over 20cm down to the base of the cord. 

It’s this diminutiveness that makes drying with the Alyon such a pleasure. It is so light and agile in the hand that arm ache is unlikely to bother anyone using it, even those with very long, thick or curly hair. If you are someone who likes to do the whole blow dry shebang with sectioning clips, round brushes et al, this would also be a perfect choice. That compact, lightweight body is supremely unstrenuous to flip around in the hand and hold at any angle while creating those perfect flicks and kicks. No doubt this is another reason it is so beloved by the pros – if you spend all day holding a piece of equipment, why not make it a light one? 

Parlux Alyon Performance 

Parlux Alyon hair dryer without nozzle

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This is a dryer that doesn’t mess around. Power-wise, it is on the higher end of the scale at a muscular 2250W. It certainly feels powerful when you are using it, particularly with one of the two smoothing nozzles included. It emits a fast and concentrated flow that my hair had no choice but to follow into smooth and frizz-free sheets. 

This is also an ionic dryer, meaning it emits a flow of ions that counteract hair’s naturally positive charge to help prevent frizz. Ions can also help disperse water droplets for faster drying. The K-Advance Plus motor promises a healthy lifespan of at least 3,000 hours and powerful airflow, both signatures of the Parlux brand and another reason they are so popular with pros. 

Controls and attachments 

The controls are simple but effective and, once again, quite enjoyable. Two apiece for heat and speed settings is definitely lower than your average count of three (and significantly lower than some snazzy models like the Panasonic Nanoe & Double Mineral (opens in new tab) offering six-plus). But each has enough of a point of difference to hold its own, so the medium heat is significantly cooler than the max, and once you add in the cool-shot button you shouldn’t miss that extra option too much. 

The position and feel of the controls are certainly pleasing. They are made of a tactile grippy material that flicks back and forth with a very pleasing click and are positioned on the side of the handle where your thumb would naturally rest. This proved handy for mid-dry temperature adjustments, which I could do intuitively instead of having to pull the dryer away to see which button I was pressing.

Parlux Alyon Specifications

Added extras: Two styling nozzles included
Weight: 425g
Power: 2250W
Warranty: 1 year
Cord length: 1.5m

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