Panasonic Nanoe & Double Mineral hair dryer review: a hydration hero

Considering buying Panasonic Nanoe & Double Mineral hair dryer? Here's what you need to know

Panasonic Nanoe & Double Mineral
(Image credit: Panasonic)
Woman & Home Verdict

Packed with features for optimum hair health, the latest Nanoe hair dryer is a gift for stressed strands.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Unique moisturising Nanoe technology

  • +

    Large variety of heat settings

  • +

    Intelligent heat control

  • +

    Very light and easy to store

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Controls could be more intuitive

  • -

    Not the sexiest-looking

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Anyone familiar with Panasonic Nanoe & Double Mineral dryer will know it boasta a very rare thing in the rabble of devices vying to be the best hair dryer – unique technology. The clue is in the name. Said tech is called Nanoe and, essentially, it puts moisture back into the hair as it dries. This, working alongside the more familiar territory of ions, acts like an insurance policy against the parched frazzled strands that so often go hand in hand with regular blow drying. 

So, what’s new about this model? This is a ‘does what it says on the tin’ situation. This souped-up device releases ions from two mineral electrodes for twice the frizz-smoothing action. It also has an unusually large range of styling modes along with your classic hot and cold, including one for adding moisture to your skin and an intelligent heat control that adjusts to suit your room temperature. 

Whizzy features aside, this model also ticks those little practicality boxes that count with the devices we use every day. It’s unusually light and has a foldaway handle – handy for easy storage and travel. Naturally, all this doesn’t come cheap and the intelligence of some features could be better reflected in the design. But if taking care of your hair and scalp are a top priority for you, this could well be the dryer worth investing in. 

Panasonic Beauty Nanoe & Double Mineral Design 

Looks-wise, this doesn’t quite have the sleek design factor of some other premium models. The angular lines look a little bit harsh and blocky, while the chunky back end of the device gives it a slightly ungainly appearance.

That said, the velvety matte finish and rose-gold detailing definitely sex things up a bit, as does the mode indicator, a natty reflective swoosh on the side of the head. Once you’re on and drying, this display flashes with red, blue, green or yellow lights, depending on which mode you are drying your hair in. 

On first impression, it seemed a strange choice to locate the indicator here, rather than the more traditional handle placement, but while blow drying and looking in the mirror it becomes obvious why this is a good idea. With one simple glance, even from a reasonable distance you can clearly see which heat setting you are working with, without having to stop mid-blow dry and pull the dryer away from your head to check. 

Giving a full-sized premium dryer a foldable handle is a nice – and surprisingly rare – touch. This would certainly help with storing it away neatly in a drawer or packing it in a suitcase. 

Weight and size 

Top marks all round on this front. Without the chord, this dryer weighs in at a very nimble 500g and measures about 23cm by 21cm. This makes it easy to hold for extended periods without arm ache and is another good reason to pack it in your suitcase instead of using an inferior hotel dryer. 

Panasonic Beauty Nanoe & Double Mineral Performance 

Panasonic Beauty Nanoe & Double Mineral

(Image credit: Panasonic)

It’s clear to see that Panasonic has put a lot of thought into how to improve the drying experience from a hair-health perspective and that is where the Nanoe & Double Mineral really comes into its own. 

First up is the Nanoe technology itself. This promises that, instead of blasting strands with heat and causing damage, it maintains 1,000 times more moisture in the hair, while still drying it. Confused? I was until I did a deep dive into the patented Nanoe technology. Essentially, this dryer takes micro droplets of water from the air, splits them into even tinier particles and sends them out into your hair. These tiny particles then penetrate the hair cuticle to hydrate it from within, as well as moisturising your scalp. 

According to the instructions manual, grasping a little shiny panel at the base of the handle attracts more of these particles to your hair. We’ll have to trust Panasonic on that one, but seeing as that’s where your hand naturally sits when drying, it’s a no-brainer to give it a try. 

Obviously, this is a long game in terms of improving the condition of hair, but you’ll definitely feel a certain softness and lack of frazzle after the first go. Impressively, in a UK-based test Panasonic found that 88% of users noted a visible improvement in split ends after five weeks and 91% noticed a reduction in frizz. This will be good news for anyone who usually has to smooth flyaways via a going-over with the best hair straighteners.  

Along with Nanoe comes the double-mineral part. This is the ionic technology we see on many premium dryers – negatively charged ions that counteract hair’s natural positive charge to fight frizz and break down water. Here, we get double the ion fun via two zinc electrodes based at the front of the head. This twin effect certainly does the trick as my blow dry remained resolutely smooth and flyaway free on an extremely sticky and humid August afternoon. 

Controls and Attachments 

One of the Nanoe & Double Mineral’s main USPs is undoubtedly its controls. This dryer combines three speed settings, selected by the usual flick switch on the handle, with six intelligent heat modes, including one for your face. 

The modes begin with a simple hot and cold, then move on to one that alternates between the two, which is very handy to style and set the hair as professionals do. Then there’s scalp mode. This maintains a temperature of 50ºC, while sending out Nanoe particles to dry and moisturise the scalp and roots comfortably. Nanoe mode may be the cleverest of all, as it intelligently detects the temperature of your environment and self-adjusts accordingly. This is a godsend if you’ve ever sweated through a DIY blow dry on a hot summer day because it doesn’t even occur to you to turn your dryer down (guilty). 

The skin mode is the most intriguing, although I’d argue possibly the least useful, feature. If selected and aimed at the face for one minute, it promises to deliver moisturising Nanoe molecules into the skin. Personally, I found it a bit of a strange experience and no substitute for a nice hydrating face serum, but each to their own. 

As a tiny gripe, I would prefer to be able to select my mode before turning the dryer on. Currently, it’s only possible to work your way up the panel by repeatedly pressing the button on the head with hot air already blasting out of the dryer. The opportunity to go straight into your chosen heat right away would be welcome, particularly on aforementioned sticky summer days. 


Added extras: One styling air concentrator nozzle included 
Watts: 1800W
Cord length: 2.5m 
Warranty: 2 years
RRP: 179.99

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