Meet The Met Gala Hair And Beauty Trends

Forget the Oscars and the Grammys – if you want to see the stars do stand-out/ out-there red carpet fashion, the annual Met Gala is where you need to focus your attention. Last night, the toasts of Hollywood and the fashion world came together
to raise money for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in
New York City at the yearly event. With the theme for this year coming courtesy of Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons, avant garde was the name of the game. And the stars did not disappoint.

As as per usual the red carpet was bursting with the best-known celebrities in the most showstopping couture, but beyond the bold fashion choices, there were some striking hair and beauty trends cropping up across the board. Take inspiration, we say… although, in some instances, we recommend a subtler take on the look! 

Big Hair, Don’t Care


Seventies are the order of the day in the fashion stakes right now, so why wouldn’t the big, bouncy curls of disco make a comeback too? Rose Byrne’s voluminous do was side parted, slick at the top and full-bodied at the ends, while actress Zendaya (below) went full volume all over.

With high-impact hair, both ladies kept their make-up soft and smoky,
each opting for a matt red lip…and the results are beautiful. 

Super-slick hair

At the exact opposite end of the scale, quite a few of the stars opted for a tightly slicked back up-do – Katie Holmes’ wet-look knot looked pretty classic with a black gown and statement necklace, while other celebs went a bit more out-there. Jennifer Connolly, for instance, paired her lacquered ‘do’ with deep pink eye shadow and some seriously statement earrings.

In fact, accessories were key to a lot of the looks last night – and it seemed that the bigger they were, the better.

From almost-sculptural earrings – see Maggie Gyllenhall’s floral-inspired drops – to glittering hair jewels, grips and clips, the ornamental elements point to a burgeoning accessories trend, too.

Halle Berry and Claire Danes both finished their messy (in comparison with the wet-look styles on the red carpet) updos with jewelled hair accessories.

 Ice Queen Locks

Also in abundance at the gala were some seriously icy-blonde locks. From Cara Delavigne and Rita Ora’s other-worldly crops, to Kate Hudson’s top-knot (which topped off a futuristic white gown) there were icy looks crossing paths at every turn.

Donatella Versace, long a fan of the white-blonde colouring, seemed to have updated her do with a trend that was straight out of Coachella – highlighter yellow streaks through the tips making it playful, rather than severe!

Razor-sharp Bobs

The most classic of haircuts – the bob – was also a big hit, with a few celebs rocking variations on the short style. The current favourite approach looks to be a blunt bob, which looked razor sharp on Kendall Jenner – who, with her white-blonde finish, tapped into two trends simultaneously – and Lily Collins’ Cabaret-esque black crop, complete with an above-the-brows blunt fringe.

Potentially the most wearable of these trends if we’re thinking day to day, the bob looks to be back and blunter than ever.