How To Treat Spider Veins

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  • From topical solutions to lifestyle tweaks, these are our tips for tackling thread and spider veins.

    Not to be confused with varicose veins, which tend to be thicker and protrude out of legs, spider veins are small, thin, blue or red blood vessels that appear underneath the skin.

    While Sclerotherapy and laser treatment have been shown to help diminish those spindly blighters, there are also a number of rituals and products you can harness in your bathroom. From clever creams to body makeup designed to reduce their appearance, we’ve rounded up our edit of the best beauty products that can aid you in tackling spider veins.

    But, before you click through, it’s important to know what causes spider veins, (also known as thread veins) and the lifestyle tweaks you can make in a bid to alleviate the patchwork of threads.

    Experts don’t know exactly why some people develop spider veins while others don’t, but they do know that the tendency to have them is hereditary. Outside of genetics, they can also be caused by increased pressure in the legs and veins, putting those who do a lot of standing or sitting still at higher risk of getting them.

    It makes sense then that one way of easing spider veins is by lessening the pressure in your legs, by taking regular walks and avoiding standing or sitting for long periods. Exercises like running and swimming are also useful in keeping the blood flowing, as is elevating feet so that your legs are higher than your heart.  

    Combine these simple tweaks with our pick of leg-enhancing products and a pretty, summery skirt for those days when the weather is being kind.

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