Top Hair Treatments For Dry Hair

Rescue dry, brittle hair with a luxurious mask

Dry hair happens for all kinds of different reasons – bleaching, heat styling, the weather, lack of conditioning, age-related sebum loss on the scalp – the list goes on.

Whatever the reason that your hair feels dry and lifeless, don’t think it’s a lost cause and needs to be chopped off. There are plenty of things you can do at home that can seriously help matters, both in a quick fix and serious repair way. Ready to make a change? Invest in a treatment that can take your brittle hair from drab to fab!

If you can’t quite find the hours in the day (or inclination) to spend some time with a full-on overnight mask, Batiste Instant Conditioner spray is a decent alternative. It contains a mixture of seed oils and light conditioning agents, that, when delivered in an easy light spritz, instantly nourishes ends to restore moisture and tame frizz. It isn’t sticky or greasy dries instantly and has a pretty floral scent. The sub £3 price is just the cherry on the cake.

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