The Best Products To Care For Curly Hair

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  • Discover the best ways to style and care for curly locks

    Ladies with curly hair, you’re in luck – gorgeous curls are making a comeback! Kyle Minogue stepped out this weekend with her famous 80s curls on display, and with designers such as Burberry and Prada sending models down the catwalk showcasing big, bouncy locks, we’re feeling more than a little tempted to go au naturel!

    But maintaining your gorgeous curls can be easier said than done. How many times has someone told you they’d pay anything to get your hair, only for you to retort that they had no idea how much hard work it was? But it’s true – curly hair is a lot to handle. Its unique structure isn’t just set apart from straight hair: there are over eight types or curly hair, from tight coils to spirals to loose waves, each with their own special personalities.

    The first thing to consider? The cut of your hair. Look for stylists who specialise in curly hair, because it’s important that whoever’s cutting your hair understands how to shape it to get the best out of your curls, and keep them from getting out of control. If you’re stuck though, long layers and cuts that keep weight in it are a good place to start. Some stylists like to cut it dry too, so it’s easier to see what it looks like.

    The second thing to think about are your curly hair products. For curly hair, products are its saviour and best friend – why? Because curly hair is frequently very dry, since the shape of your hair prevents the natural oils your scalp makes from travelling down the lengths, coating it in the protective layer it needs to keep moisture locked in and your hair soft and smooth. So the way to combat this? Finding a great line up of curly hair products that will add bucket loads of moisture to your hair to keep it strong and healthy, which in turns helps your hair to clump together (not the most attractive word, we know) and form those beautiful, defined curls.

    The last tip we’ve got for you? Let it dry naturally – the force of the air from your hairdryer disrupts the formulation of your curls, which can increase dreaded frizziness and keep them from doing their thing. And of course, you need to the tools to help you achieve the curls of your dreams! We’ve found the products that will tame even the wildest of manes – click through for your most stunning curls yet…