Meghan’s favourite eyelash-strengthening brand launches a range for thinning hair

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  • These days, Meghan Markle is one of the most famous women in the world, so it's really no surprise that fans are digging back into her archival interviews to uncover her top beauty tips.

    And one such secret was the revelation that the Duchess uses a certain product to give her her enviably thick and long lashes – Revitalash’s Advanced Eyelash Conditioner, which sells for just £24.

    In an interview with Allure, Meghan has said, “I also use Revitalash on my eyelashes, and I swear they are as long as they could ever be.”

    But it’s not just the Duchess of Sussex who loves the cult product. According to Get the Gloss, the brand has sold a staggering 4.9 million units of the wonder serum since 2007.

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    So we were delighted to hear that Revitalash had decided to treat its customer’s hair to the same thickening treatment as their unparalled lash technology, with the launch of a brand new haircare line for thinning hair.

    The company has released three new products which promise to thicken, nourish and hydrate thinner locks – and if it works anywhere near as well as the lash serum, we’re pretty much sold.

    First in the range is the thickening shampoo, on sale for £34. It’s perhaps slightly more than you’d spend on your normal bottle of shampoo, but contains a range of strengthening and exfoliating ingredients. It’s enriched with flaxprotein, to stop breakages, and strengthening jojoba seed oil, among other ingredient all brilliant for thinning hair.

    Revitalash haircare range

    Next up is the thickening conditioner (£38), which contains biotin and keratin to help stimulate hair thickening. Revitalash actually advise working the conditioner from your roots to the tips of your hair, and leaving it in for 1-2 minutes.

    Revitalash haircare range

    The final, and most expensive product in the range is Hair Volume Enhancing foam. While it’s pricey, at £160, it features Revitalash’s signature BioPeptin formula – the same ingredients found in Meghan’s favoured eyelash product. The foam also includes amino acids and b vitamins to help condition, and the antioxidant jinseng to help revitalise your locks.Revitalash haircare range

    It can be used either in the shower with wet hair, or on dry hair. It promises to condition, strengthen and soften hair, whilst also protecting it from “breakage and brittleness”.

    You can buy the entire range here, on the Revitalash website.

    Reportedly, 94% of people who tested the line said they felt their hair was thicker and healthier in eight weeks – so clearly, it’s doing something right.

    So will you be testing these products out?

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