I tried the L'ange Le Volume 60mm blow dryer brush on my natural coily hair and extensions – here's what happened

Our shopping writer's L'ange blow dryer brush review: does this hair tool offer salon blowout results?

The brush we tested for this a L'ange blow dryer brush review - a light pink L'ange Le Volume 60mm blow dryer brush in two circles on a pink background
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Woman & Home Verdict

Pretty in pink and smooth on the hair, this blow dryer brush worked well on my thick, coily hair and my straight, fine extensions. L'ange promises a salon-worthy blowout with their Le Volume 60mm 2-in-1 Titanium Brush Dryer and let's just say I was very impressed.

Reasons to buy
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    Blow-dries all hair types

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    Leaves hair soft and frizz-free

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    Three-heat settings

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Reasons to avoid
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    No additional attachments

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Ready to get your hands on a blow dryer brush but don't know which one? Let my L'ange blow dryer brush review help narrow down your list. 

I went into this not knowing what to expect. But who better to give you an honest, in-depth L'ange blow dryer brush review than someone who can test it on natural, curly hair and straight extensions? After reading over 55,000 positive reviews from customers with fine, straight hair, I was curious to know if this blow dryer brush would give my thick hair silky results.


Added extras: Cleaning brush, protective storage cover

Watts: 1100W

Cable length: 79ft/2.4m

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

RRP: $119 (US only)

The brand claims its Le Volume 60mm brush dryer will turn your hair into shiny, frizz-free perfection while giving you salon blowout results at home. But let's face it, many of the best hair dryer brushes promise the same thing and not all of them deliver. So, is this $119 hot hair tool worth the buy? I tested the Le Volume 60mm on both of my hair types, so let's figure that out together.

Our shopping writer's L'ange blow dryer brush review

L'ange Le Volume Dryer Brush design

A person holding a pink L'ange dryer brush showing the three heat settings for the L'ange blow dryer brush review.

(Image credit: Kenedee Fowler)

The design of the L'ange Le Volume Dryer Brush may be enough to make you want to buy the hair tool right away. The dryer has a simple, sleek design and comes in a pretty light pink shade. At the bottom of the handle is where you find the brush's three heat settings, which you twist to activate the cool, low, high, or off settings. It even has a nice blue light to let you know which temperature the dryer is on.

Although this brush doesn't include any cool features or settings, I appreciate how simple the Le Volume design is for someone who has not learned how to use a blow dryer brush before. 

Underneath the dryer brush is an included small brush cleaner, a unique add-on you may not realize you actually need. So no more handpicking each hair from the bristles. The dryer also comes with a storage cover for you to keep your bristles in tip-top shape when storing under your cabinet. 

What attachments come with the L'ange Le Volume Dryer Brush?

The L'ange Le Volume dryer brush on a white table next to its small cleaning brush and protective cover for L'ange blow dryer brush review.

(Image credit: Kenedee Fowler)

The L'ange Le Volume is a one-man show, with no included brush attachments or any sold separately. This may be a flaw to those looking for a dryer brush that'll offer many salon-worthy looks, but if a quick, simple bouncy blow dry is all you want, this is the perfect tool. However, if a L'ange dryer brush with multiple attachments is on your wishlist, the brand does offer two interchangeable titanium brush dryers for $199.

How well does L'ange Le Volume Dryer Brush perform?

Blow drying my hair has always been a chore as someone with naturally thick hair, leaving me with sore arms after spending hours devoted to drying my hair section by section. The L'ange dryer brush not only shortened my drying time by 20 minutes but glided effortlessly through my thick textured hair, making it one of the best hair dryers for curly hair

In fact, I found that the Le Volume Dryer Brush made styling my hair a breeze with its lightweight and slim construction and soft bristles that left my scalp comfortable. Although this dryer comes with bristles, it doesn't work like a detangler or a comb. The brand recommends detangling your hair before using the dryer brush, which I found helps prevent snagging and quickens the drying process.

So, does this dryer brush actually give salon-worthy blowout results? Yes, with just five to six passes from root to tip, both my naturally curly hairstyle and straight extensions were left dry, sleek, and shiny and I was also able to create an on-trend 90s blowout hair look. The L'ange dryer brush also semi-straightens your hair, competing with some of the best hair straightener brushes. I didn't feel the need to hurry and run a straightener through my hair like usual. For once, I felt I could leave the house confidently with blow-dried hair and no curly roots.

What's not good about it?

There's not much to dislike about a gorgeous dryer brush that makes styling your hair easier. But if I had to choose, it would be its lack of styling options, with no interchangeable brush attachments. The Le Volume 60mm is said to be best fitting for those with short to medium-length hair, but with its brush head having a 188.5mm circumference, I felt it was a little too big and wide to reach the smaller hairs in my nape area and around my hairline. However, with L'ange's amazing drying performance and how gorgeous and sleek my hair looks afterward, the good definitely outweighs the bad.

L'ange Le Volume Dryer Brush review: My verdict

So, should you add the L'ange Le Volume blow dryer brush to your cabinet? If $119 is in your hair budget and you want a simple, user-friendly tool, I recommend you do so. Overall, this hot brush delivers what it promises; a sleek salon blowout that works for all hair types. And with three heat settings that gave me a flawless blow-dried and semi-straightened finish, there's not much to dislike.

I really enjoyed using the Le Volume Dryer Brush and for the first time was excited to blow dry and style my hair. I got amazing results and many compliments from my family, who are now interested in investing in their first hair dryer brush, too. I don't see myself using a traditional hair dryer again.


I wrote the L'Ange blow dryer brush review in February 2023 and revised it in September after seven months of use. I can confidently say these claims are still the same. This dryer brush is now an essential tool in my hair-wash day routine. And it's also a favorite of my cousin, who purposely waits to dry her hair until she gets to my house. Neither of us has used a regular blow dryer since we've got our hands on the L'Ange Le Volume 60mm brush dryer.

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