How to recreate Claudia Winkleman's mirror-like shiny hair at home, according to the experts

Entranced by Claudia Winkleman's luminous locks? We've quizzed the pros on how to achieve a similar, mirror-like shine...

Claudia Winkleman pictured with shiny hair and a full fringe during the 2023 BAFTA Television Awards with P&O Cruises at The Royal Festival Hall on May 14, 2023 in London, England.
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After gazing at what might as well be our reflection in Claudia Winkleman's hair, we're no longer willing to settle for lacklustre locks and thus have embarked on a mission to uncover how to achieve the presenter's enviable hair shine...

After all, it's really no exaggeration to suggest that The Traitors host is as synonymous with her impossibly glossy hair as she is with her eyelash-brushing bangs. And while we're clued in on how to achieve the signature, Claudia Winkleman fringe, it's the condition of her hair that we're desperate to emulate. Plus with the 2024 hair trends pivoting towards more natural styles and healthier hair, now seems like the perfect time to aim high - and surely, Claudia's hair is the pinnacle of hair health?

So, for anyone wondering how to get shiny hair - whether it's a spray to pair with your best hair straighteners or a long-lasting keratin treatment - we've quizzed the experts for quick fixes and product recommendations to achieve Claudia-level results...

Hairstylist Edward James
Edward James

Edward James is a celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of the retail platform The Hair Consult, who has worked the likes of Cara Delevingne and Joanna Lumley – and even a few of the royals. Now, James has shared expertise on how to achieve a similar sheen to that of Claudia Winkleman's iconic hair.

How to achieve shinier hair, to rival Claudia Winkleman's

When it comes to achieving that Claudia Winkleman hair shine, while we don't know the exact products she uses (though she does tout her love for Head & Shoulders and is their brand ambassador), there are many known treatments and at-home products you can add to your haircare routine to achieve similar results.

We should also preface this by saying that Claudia does appear to colour her hair and often, darker hair does help to accentuate that mirror-like shine. But even so, we can all achieve shinier locks with the help of some targeted formulas and salon treatments...

1. Ask your stylist for a glossing treatment

Celebrity hairstylist, Edward James says: "Regular glossing treatments at the salon can enhance shine," adding that, "These treatments can be colourless to add incredible shimmer."

If frizz is your main hair gripe though, James also recommends adding a keratin treatment to your regime, which your hair stylist will be able to advise you on...

2. Add keratin to your haircare routine

Speaking of keratin, it's known to be a real hero when it comes to achieving glossy lengths. James' exclusive British Blowdry also offers de-frizzing, "and adds shine without making hair poker straight like its cousin the Brazilian Blowdry."

For those who don't know, a Brazilian Blowdry is a salon treatment similar to "Hair Botox" that smooths, moisturises and protects your hair, by breaking down and rebuilding the hair's bonds and sealing in extra keratin for long-lasting results.

If you're looking to add leratin to your hair routine, the Hask Keratin Protein Deep Conditioning treatment is touted by woman&home's beauty team as the best at-home keratin treatment on a budget.

3. Try a smoothing spray

For those looking for a quick, shine-boosting addition to their hair arsenal, James suggests the likes of Color Wow's Dreamcoat Spray, as it "helps keep hair frizz-free and shiny."

The Dreamcoat spray is already a woman&home Beauty Editor pick, thanks to its smoothing finish and protection against humidity and moisturise. It's designed to be used every three to four washes, meaning its effects are long-lasting.

For best results, our Beauty Editor, Jess Beech says it, "needs to be spritzed liberally onto clean, damp hair and ideally in sections," then once it's applied and combed through, "activate by blow-drying the hair."

4. Use a hair mask once a week

If you're looking for shine-boosting options that won't have you traipsing to the salon, James recommends regular at-home treatments, like the best hair masks: "Use weekly at-home treatments, such as Aveda's Botanical Repair Masque."

Not only will hair masks help to supercharge your hair with hydration, but will also double as something of a self-care moment - and who doesn't want that?

5. Get regular trims

To maintain your hair's overall health and appearance, James reminds us that: "Regular trims are essential to prevent frizz and split ends, which detract from hair's shine."

Refreshing your ends (every six to eight weeks, if possible) will not only help to maintain your chosen hairstyle but will also help to cut down on flyaways.

Naomi Jamieson
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