Blonde Hairstyles

How to find the right blonde hairstyle for you...

We’re not saying that blondes have more fun, but blonde hair is a key colour trend this season and it just so happens blonde hair can be extremely flattering too.

The trick to going blonde is to select a shade based on your skintone. Cool skintones – pale and porcelain complexions are usually suited to lighter ash and platinum tones, whilst warmer skintones look better against golden honey-coloured hues. As a rule of thumb darker skintones should avoid having blonde hair all over, the obvious regrowth will require frequent, painstaking hours in the salon chair which will rapidly ruin its condition and become expensive.

However that’s not to say you can’t go blonde at all. A few strategically placed blonde highlights could not only lighten your locks but enhance your features too!

Balayage and bronde, two types of colour contouring created by expert colourist work on the premise that your entire face shape can be altered by the correct placement of face framing multi-toned highlights. Weaved in throughout the hair to create a flattering ‘sunkissed’ look, its the simplest way for darker skintones to look fabulous with golden locks, but enlist the help of a professional to find the perfect shade for you. Naturally dark haired A-listers Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker are huge fans of the trend. In fact it’s been so popular L’Oréal recently added more blonde tones to their collection so hairstylists can mix and match to great a bespoke blonde to suit everyone.

If you want to go anything more than two shades lighter than your natural colour, it’s best to book in an appointment with a stylist. Whatever your natural hair colour, keep in mind that blonde hair can require a fair bit of maintenance. The lighter you go the more obvious your roots will become, and you’ll need more frequent touch-ups.

Ready to go from boring to bombshell? Have a look through some of our favourite blonde hair colours and get inspired for your next salon trip…

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