Best Eyelash Curler: LVL Enhance Lash Treatment

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  • It’s safe to say most of us would like longer lashes. Mascara invariably tops ‘desert island beauty’ surveys and the falsies industry, from MAC strip lashes to semi-permanent extensions is booming.

    If you are looking to boost your lashes, but have written off extensions as a bit doll-like and high maintenance, I’m with you there. Having tried extensions in the past I felt the upkeep wasn’t worth two hours in the chair every six weeks, plus I worried about looking a bit fake and damage to my natural lashes. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about LVL Enhance, a new treatment that takes less than an hour to lift and lengthen your own natural lashes, with results lasting six weeks and zero effort upkeep. This was one treatment I HAD to try. 

    After doing a patch test 48 hours before, which involved painting various solutions on my arm to check for reactions, the appointment itself was quick and comfortable. I removed my eye makeup then lay comfortably with my eyes shut for 40 minutes while my Nouveau Lash therapist got to work. The process involves placing a guard on your lashes and painting on a solution on the roots to remodel their shape. The solution straightens the roots so they flick upwards without curling back on themselves like traditional lash perming. After this, my lashes were tinted so every millimetre of their fluttery new shape could be seen, and I was done. My sensitive eyes were a little puffy for 15 minutes after the treatment (as you can see in the before and after pics below!) but that settled speedily and I am thrilled with the results!

    The only aftercare involves avoiding water, steam and and eye makeup for the first 24 hours, which was easily done as these lashes speak for themselves! They look pretty, wide awake and fluttery from the moment I wake up, I’ve been asked by friends what  mascara I’m wearing, and the answer is none! If you have hooded lids or deep set eyes this is a godsend, opening everything up with no risk of mascara smudges on your lids.

    The results should last 6-8 weeks before the lift naturally wears off, and a few weeks in I’m still loving my newfound flutter. The treatment is £49, which isn’t buttons, but given the saving of time and eye makeup I think is worth every penny. I’m already planning my next appointment so see me through the festive season. 

    LVL Lash Enhance, £49 is available nationwide, find your nearest salon here 

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