Beauty Products That Help You Hide a Hangover

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  • Let’s start with a disclaimer; I am by no means recommending everyone drinks three glasses of prosecco on an empty stomach or participates an impromptu Tuesday night karaoke session. But it is the party season and as we know, these things happen. 

    If you do enjoy a tipple or two then you’ll be familiar with the unfortunate after effects – puffy eyes, skin that veers from clammy grey to flushing red and greasy hair because that extra 15 minutes in bed felt more important than cleanliness – all lovely stuff. Thankfully you and all who gaze upon you need suffer no more as the beauty aisles are awash with clever products to tackle all these issues and more. Read onto discover my pick of the best hangover-hiding beauty products that can solve all your post-party woes (except how to greet Sam in finance after your gloriously enthusiastic Islands In The Stream duet, that’s all on you I’m afraid)

    Dull skin

    You know that raging thirst you woke up with this morning? That’s how your skin’s feeling too. Dehydrated skin looks dry and dreary, so give it the equivalent of a Berocca and coconut water with some quick exfoliation and slathering in hydrating skincare.

    Omorovicza Refining Facial Polisher

    Dull skin doesn’t stand a chance against this satisfyingly grainy scrub, with fruit acids to brighten, lava stone pumice and with Hungarian mud to draw out deep-rooted gunk.

    Buy Omorovicza Refining Facial Polisher for £65.50 from

    Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Serum

    This is an absolute bargain, a slippy, refreshing serum that thirsty skin will drink in, feel far comfier and look immediately happier. The whole Aqualia Thermal range is worth a look – if you have dry skin top this with the Rich Hydration cream, £15

    Buy Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum for £15 from

    Hot flushing

    It could be the inflammatory nature of alcohol, it could be the flashbacks. Either way a hot, red and blotchy face is a dead giveaway that you had a bit too much fun last night. Hide it with breathable makeup and cool it with a soothing spray. 

    Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation

    Paradoxically, hiding burning cheeks with makeup can have a smothering effect and stop your skin ever cooling down, not this one though. It was created for acne-prone or post-peel skin, so acts as a nice anti-inflammatory, has sturdy coverage for red or blotchy bits and is completely breathable with cooling aloe vera.

    Buy Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation from for £45

    Urban Decay Chill Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray

    Keep this cooling, refreshing and plumping spray within reach all day long, it’ll stop your makeup melting off and give skin a “I turned in at 9pm with a chamomile tea” kind of glow. 

    Buy Urban Decay Chill Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray for £22 at

    Tired eyes

    The most irksome symptom of all in my opinion – nothing says ‘a few too many’ like red-rimmed, eyes, puffed-up to near closing point. You’ll have to ride out any bloodshot issues I’m afraid (bit medical) but you can wake up those peepers cosmetically with cooling gels and a canny hand with a highlight pencil.

    Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye gels

    Keep a set of these in the fridge at all times, then pop on for 10 minutes in the morning while you make your quadruple espresso. They’re instantly chilly, so contract that puffy skin, plus contain peptides and Icelandic Glacial water to refresh and hydrate.

    Buy Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye gels for £25 for 8 pairs at

    Charlotte Tilbury Rock n Kohl Eye Cheat

    Charlotte Tilbury knows a thing or two about a good party, and has cracked the perfect shade to cover those red rims without looking freakishly bright or sparkly (often the problem with this sort of product) Draw this creamy pencil on your upper and lower waterlines and your bleary secrets will be safe ’til home time.

    Buy Charlotte Tilbury Rock n Kohl Eye Cheat for £19 at

    Greasy hair

    You wanted that extra time in bed and I don’t blame you, but now a lack of washing coupled with the remnants of last night’s styling products are creating a situation scalpward. Dry shampoo is your saviour here (which you probably already know) so invest in my personal favourite and try a couple of night-before tricks to make bedhead work for you. 

    Percy & Reed Radiance Revealing Invisible Dry Shampoo

    One of the only dry shampoos I’ve tried that effectively absorbs all that oil and grease without leaving hair clogged and powdery. Spray it directly into your roots and brush through, your scalp will feel tingly and refreshed with no residue at all, making this a particularly great option for brunettes. Who knows where it all goes? I won’t question it, this stuff is magic.

    Buy Percy & Reed Radiance Revealing Invisible Dry Shampoo for £12 at

    Silke London Hair Ties and The Wet Brush

    If you like curling your hair for a party but end up with a wild mass that can’t go without washing come morning, these can help. Brush through your curls before bed, twist into a bun and secure with this silky, scrunchie-like band. It stops hair messing and matting up overnight and feels comfortable enough to sleep in so you can simply brush gently with the genius no-tug no-snag Wet Brush (in this snazzy new gold design), blast with dry shampoo and hey presto! Next day cool-girl waves and a lie in can be yours.

    Buy The Wet Brush Droplets Gold for £12.99 at

    Buy Silke London Hair Ties for £21 at

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