Hairstylist shares shocking video showing why you should always use heat protectant

You'll never skip heat protecting spray again thanks to this clip from Jodie Comer's stylist

close up of wet hair being spritzed
(Image credit: AleksandarNakic via Getty Images)

Ask any good hairdresser about the golden rules for healthy hair and they'll tell you that the best heat protection spray is a must. Don't believe us? This viral clip from celebrity stylist Patrick Wilson is all the proof you need that it's essential. 

Wilson, who has worked with Jodie Comer, Cindy Crawford and Mollie King, posted the video to Instagram, writing, "I always get asked, 'does heat protector really work?' Watch and learn kids 🤯". 

The video has already racked up hundreds of comments from Wilson's shocked followers, with Comer commenting, "I'm living for this demo".

In the clip, Wilson applies heat protectant to one half of a slice of bread before toasting it, illustrating how well it shields against heat damage. And, well... we'll let you see the results for yourself below.

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Pretty horrifying right? 

The miracle spray Wilson used in the video is none other than ghd's Bodyguard, popular with top hairstylists all over the world. 

You'll never skip heat protection again.

Alexa, play Baby I'm Burnin' by Dolly Parton...