This is how much the average woman spends on skincare a year


To celebrate the launch of its latest skincare products, leading brand NUXE Paris conducted research into British skincare.

And they found that the average woman spends a, rather hefty, £570 on skincare each year.

They discovered that 78% of respondents believe it’s important to follow a daily regime, and frequently get through skincare products annually.

According to the study, the biggest skincare concern amongst women is ageing and wrinkles (38%), followed by dryness (38%). 32% of those surveyed were also concerned about dark circles or spots.

A whopping 80% of respondents said that moisturising is an essential part of their skincare routine. British people spend on average 19 minutes a day on their routine, using a variety of different products.

Following moisturiser, the most commonly bought products were face cleanser (39%), face wash (38%), micellar water (32%), exfoliating scrubs (28%), SPF or sun cream (28%) and makeup removing wipes (25%).

Researching these products is also essential amongst some consumers. 35% spend just a few minutes looking online, but 18% like to spend time thoroughly reading reviews to make sure they’re buying the right product.

Interestingly, most people in the study said they’re loyal to their current skincare brand(s), which is in keeping with their desire for a daily routine. Only 14% said they change their brands regularly, so they can try new things.

Value for money was ranked highest when it comes to selecting products, with only 32% ensuring their skincare is cruelty-free before buying. Despite the seemingly large amount we spend on products, it seems we want to be as economical as possible.

A shocking 55% of the study admitted to sleeping with their makeup on. There was a variety of reasons for this, including being too tired, feeling lazy, being too drunk, or because they ran out of makeup remover. Whatever the reason, this is something you should definitely avoid doing!

Skincare is certainly growing in popularity, with many doing everything in their power to take care of any concerns they may have.

What are your biggest concerns?

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