10 Beauty Mistakes We All Made Growing Up

1.Home “highlights”

Anyone who ever picked up a box of Sun-In during their youth, thinking “how hard can highlights be?” knows the answer to that question is VERY. Cue chunky badger-stripes, weird orange patches and the realisation that professional colourists exist for a reason. 

2. Blue shadow

It looked so good on Debbie Harry, didn’t it? Well that’s because everything looks good on Debbie Harry. For the rest of us sadly, electric blue lids were more Pat Butcher than Blondie.

3. Bad brows 

Nothing has the power to make your face look amazing (or just plain crazy) like your eyebrows. Do old photos show you in a state of permanent surprise? Welcome to the over-plucked arches club. Questionable hair removal methods also deserve a mention – one W&H staffer used Immac, burning her eyelids in the process. Ouch! 

4. Bold blush

In the 80s everything was big and bold, and that included our blusher. These days we say “blend, blend then blend some more” but when Alexis Colby was our style icon, we said “sweep on a giant fuchsia stripe!” Outrageous as this look was, we can’t help but feel fondly towards it’s aggressively in-your-face fabulousness too. 

5. Spidery lashes

Ah the day you discovered mascara – suddenly your eyes look so dramatic and flirty, perfect for getting that boy’s attention. Quick! you think, lets load on another coat, and another, ok just one more… And there you have it – the root of crazy cakey lashes, a phase that can last well into your twenties if you’re not careful. 

6. DIY Fringe cuts

Everyone’s got a story about one of these – many a frantic mother has attempted to level off a wonky fringe, which gets progressively shorter and shorter until eventually all that’s left is a spiky tuft you’ll spend the next year trying to grow out. It’s safe to say that year’s school photograph was one for the album. 

7. Frosted lips

This look reached peak popularity in the 90s, so many of us should really have known better. But Heather Shimmer just looked so lovely and pearly in the tube didn’t it? Sadly that prettiness didn’t translate to lips where the shade looked sci-fi, the shimmer greasy and our teeth appeared yellow (when they really weren’t) 

8. Home perms

A bad perm is basically a 1980s right of passage. Even in the hands of a professional a perm is a risky thing, but when it came out of a box and was administered by our teenage best friend it was nothing short of a disaster. We’re talking tightly-coiled corkscrews, frizz fiascos and most distressingly of all, breakage.

9. Terrifying tanning

It’s all about SPF50 these days, but cut back a decade or three and you would have found W&H team members embarking on summer tan plans involving carrot oil and makeshift kitchen foil reflectors. Getting burnt was considered the best way to get a base colour, and siblings competed to see who could go the deepest bronze on family holidays. Shudder. 

10. Light lipstick, dark lip liner

Need we say more? Just wrong on every level and definitely did not make our lips look fuller like we thought it did.