Skin discolouration FAQs

by Lynn Cardy on Thursday, 13 August 2009

I’ve heard that you can use light treatment to remove discolouration so why use a peel?
If you use laser or light you still have to use something like Cosmelan to stabilise the skin cells and discolouration caused by the sun  so it’s easier to treat discolouration caused by the sun by simply peeling off the very top layer of skin.

We used to call discolouration age spots – what causes those brown patches on your face and hands– sun or age?

Normally the two go together – the older you are the more sun exposure you will have had. It’s sun damage done in your youth that’s surfacing now. Maybe even as a child.

Does the treatment have to be applied all over the face or can I just have it on the brown patches?
You need to look at the bigger picture. It’s no good simply taking off the brown spots and doing nothing about the rest of the skin – that way you’ll look white and haggard rather than brown and haggard. You need to rejuvenate the rest of the skin too.

I’ve heard that after treatment you need to keep out of the sun, is that so?
Yes, you will need to protect your new evenly-coloured skin with something like an SPF 40 or more. You don’t need it that high but no-one ever uses it properly.  

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