Regen TriPollar

Can heat rejuvenate my skin? Naturopath and nutritionist Vicki Edgson turns to the Regen TriPollar anti ageing treatment to minimise lines around the eyes, mouth and neck and make her skin look younger and firmer.

Regen TriPollar is a treatment that heats the lower layers of the dermis up to 40°, tricking skin into thinking it’s being damaged and so speeding up collagen production.

This may sound painful and potentially harmful, but it’s actually perfectly safe and, as everyone knows, more collagen means plumper and firmer skin – perfect!

What the treatment promises: A more defined jaw line, better texture and a natural tightening of the skin over the whole face, eye area, upper lip and jaw line.

The treatment: My therapist spread a clear conducting cream all over my face and neck, and swept a TriPollar “wand” over the same area, in circular motions, which felt surprisingly relaxing and comfortable.

She kept checking to see if I was feeling any tingling or excessive heat. It’s a very interactive treatment and I liked being able to feed back how it felt moment to moment.

The whole session lasted for 45 minutes, as she went over the whole area twice. Follow ups are just 20 minutes, so you can be in and out during your lunchtime!

Is there pain? None – I initially felt nothing more than a gentle massaging of the facial skin, followed by a warming sensation.

Verdict: This is incredible! After just one session, the lines around my eyes, mouth and neck had noticeably lessened, and my skin bore a flushed pink – no burn, just freshly stimulated skin!

After I’d had the third and fourth treatments, several of my friends asked me if I’d had anything “done”.

Cost: £350 for a course of seven treatments on one area only. Treatment is suitable for use on the bottom, face, neck, backs of arms and thighs.

Where to go: Pasha Clinic, 37 Maddox Street, London W1S 2PP. To find salons nationwide, visit All prices correct at the time of publication.

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