Lorraine Kelly shares rare snap of her mum, 79, and she looks incredible

So that's her secret!

Lorraine Kelly
(Image credit: PA)

The TV presenter has stunned fans with how youthful her mother looks

After Lorraine Kelly opened up on botox she has proved she gets her youthful genes from her mum as she stuns fans with rare snap.

The Scottish TV presenter admitted she'd be "too scarred" to have the procedure after enjoying a covid-safe facial to hydrate her skin and has gone on to show youthfulness runs in her family.

She took to Instagram to upload a rare snap of her beloved mother Anne, who she misses dearly due to lockdown.

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She captioned it, "This is my wee mum. She’s 79 and looks YEARS younger. Always effortlessly elegant. I’ve not seen her in person since August but we talk all the time. I miss her. It’s hard. #mum #family #love."

And it wasn't long before fans started reacting to the photograph - with many commenting on her mum looking much younger than her years.

One fan wrote, "So that’s where your youthfulness comes from. Two Beauties." Another fan put, "Certainly looks 20 years younger xx" and a third fan added, "She can see you on Telly Mon- Fri. That’s a bonus."

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Meanwhile earlier this year Lorraine revealed her dad John, who lives with her mum Anne in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, had been taken into hospital with a non-corona related illness.

At the time Lorraine, 60, said, "It's really difficult because my mum and dad are up in Scotland and my poor wee dad has just been taken into hospital.

"It's not corona-related thank God, but that's been really worrying because of course I can't see him. And you know what your parents are like.

"I phone them up and they say 'we're fine, we're fine, we're fine' and you know they are really not."

Lets hope FaceTime along with social bubbles, won't be forever this time...