Kate Garraway reveals the one friend she's relied on the most during Derek’s hospital battle

It's been a tough year for Kate

Kate Garraway speaks on the phone
Kate Garraway thanks Ben Shephard for his support
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Kate Garraway has thanked her Good Morning Britain co-host Ben Shephard for being such an incredible help to her during Derek Draper’s covid-19 battle.

The TV star said she knows it’s been a “huge pressure” on Ben - who has been close friends with Kate, 53, for over 20 years.

Opening up about the support he has given her, Kate told The Mirror, “For 20 years, Ben's had to do so much for me but this year's been another level.

Kate Garraway and Derek Draper return from I'm A Celeb

Derek Draper has been battling covid-19 since April 

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"He's been trying to do everything he can to help – it's been a huge pressure on him.

"Working alongside somebody you're worried about, plus also trying to do the job… it's a huge thing. I'm aware how tough it's been for him."

Kate’s husband was hospitalised with the deadly virus back in April and has been battling it ever since.

He is now rid of the virus, but it has “wreaked extraordinary damage” on his body and he remains in a critical condition in hospital.

It is unclear what his recovery looks like.

Kate - who shares two children Darcey, 14, and Billy, 11 with Derek - recently confessed she feels “physically sick” at the thought of Christmas without her husband, given the devastating reality of his condition. 

The star explained, “I feel physically sick actually. I can feel my chest tightening at the thought of it, and the total panic at Darcy, Bill and myself on our own at Christmas unable to visit Derek because of restrictions, and that huge emotional hole."

"I don't know how to fill it, without friends and grandparents to fill it. It feels like such a significant moment."

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