Andrea McLean reveals the inspiring reason she's planning to run a race in her underwear

Andrea McLean

Loose Women presenter Andrea McLean has bravely revealed that she is planning to run a 10k race wearing nothing but her underwear.

The 49-year-old revealed that journalist Bryony Gordon asked if she would like to follow in her footsteps, and join her in running the Vitality London 10k in her underwear - something Bryony also did at the London Marathon a few years ago.

Andrea confessed that her first reaction was to flat-out refuse, admitting that she doesn't like to run - and also isn't keen in being in public in just her bra and knickers! Understandable...

On her Instagram, she wrote, 'So... @BryonyGordon texted me to ask me if I would run a race in my pants... My initial (and possibly sweary) reaction was, “God, no!”

'The reasons to say “no” were valid. I don’t run. I like yoga and weights because they are slow and there is less of a chance that I’ll trip and fall over. (I am the clumsiest person in the universe). And I sure as hell don’t exercise in public in my bra and pants!'

However, panellist Andrea went on to reveal that she eventually came round to the idea, wanting to put into practise the body confidence lessons she shares on her website (This Girl is on Fire), her social media, and on Loose Women.

She told her followers, 'But then I thought about it. One of the things that I feel really strongly about is making women, especially in their middle years, feel good about themselves.

'It’s something I do every day on @officialtgiof and I thought, how can I tell people to push themselves out of their comfort zone but say no to this challenge? I needed to put my money where my mouth is!

'I talk the talk but can I walk the walk?! (Actually, walking isn’t an issue, RUNNING is). I am also turning 50 this year, and I’ve been telling myself I need to say “yes” to things that are out of my comfort zone. Push myself! Go for it! Stop being scared of failing or looking stupid! So, I took a deep breath, I texted Bryony back and said “Gulp... count me in...”'

Andrea finished up the post by asking her fellow female followers to join her and the group in running the Vitality London race - either in their underwear, or in whatever they like.

The presenter's fans were hugely impressed by Andrea's brave pledge, with one writing, 'Nothing but respect for you all doing this 👊'

Another follower agreed saying, 'Admire your your positivity and body confidence go go go 🏃♀️💪😍', while a third wrote, 'Go girl go, you are a real inspiration to many.'

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