The sell-out £1 M&S sponge Mrs Hinch loves is now back in stock

Thanks to the hugely popular Mrs Hinch and a whole host of other social media accounts, cleaning has become this year's most popular activity.

While it may not be the most glamorous chore, the world seems to be totally taken with sprucing up our homes - with 'Hinchers' (Mrs Hinch fans) loyally following her brilliant cleaning tips, and sharing ones of their own with each other.

And even one of our favourite high-street stores has gotten in on the trend, with a cleaning sponge that Mrs Hinch herself loves.

A few weeks ago, Marks & Spencer's £1 cleaning sponge - now officially named the 'Markeh' (inspired by Mrs Hinch's 'Minkeh' sponge) - featured on her Instagram account.

After appearing on Sophie Hinchcliffe's account, which has over 2 million followers, Marks & Spencer saw sales of the sponge increase by over 100%.

And since then, it went on to sell-out in stores, proving hugely popular with fellow cleaning lovers.

But fear not if you didn't manage to snag one then, as M&S have revealed that the cleaning tool is finally back in stock in stores!

M&S Product Developer Natalie Tate said, “We’re very excited to let customers know that our sell out ‘Markeh’ sponge is back in stock! Following the excitement on Instagram, we saw sales increase +100%, with it selling out completely in many stores.

"It was great to see so many customers enjoy using the cleaning sponge, and now even more people can try our kitchen cleaning essential, which is fantastic at removing stubborn dirt and giving a spotless finish!”

The sponge has a non-scratch finish, making it suitable for sensitive, non-stick surfaces. It's also double-sided and super light-weight, making it very easy to clean with too.

But if you want it, we reckon you need to act fast, as this may not hang around in M&S shops for long!

Mrs Hinch also raved about some other products in the M&S cleaning collection, including their fruity disinfectant sprays for bathrooms and kitchens. The store also sells their own fabric conditioners and washing up liquids, meaning you can get all your home care bits while picking up your weekly food shop - win win!

Amy Hunt
Amy Hunt

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