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Amid sporadic summer heatwaves, our homes, gardens, and supermarkets are pretty much the only places we're spending any time. 

And what with the early arrival of some great British sunshine, for many of us, our gardens or outdoor spaces are taking the top spot of places we want to spend time.

However, the entrance of some deliciously sunny weather is often followed (for some of us) by the startling realization that our gardens are a little—lackluster—for want of a better word.

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The grey weather that normally dominates the region means that we generally spend less than half the year in our gardens. As such, it's often one of the last spots in our home that we actually pay proper attention to.

luxury garden furniture

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But with the heatwave meaning that shops, parks, restaurants and pubs are sweltering hotbeds, it might be about time to start giving our own outdoor spaces a little time and TLC. And one easy way of doing so is adding some gorgeous garden furniture.

Outdoor furniture isn't only practical (allowing for sun-soaked BBQs and get-togethers - in the future). It can also transform your outdoor space, from a dull, unwelcoming area to a place where you actually want to spend some time.

And buying the right garden furniture is important. While hauling out the old, broken plastic chairs from your shed is absolutely acceptable, treating yourself to a gorgeous, elegant rattan lounge set, or a comfy wicker chair can make all the difference in giving your garden a luxury feel.

So if you're on the hunt for some beautiful luxury outdoor furniture that'll elevate your garden, balcony or outdoor space sharpish, look no further.

Luxury garden furniture for your outdoor space

Cox & Cox Rust Effect Water Feature

Cox & Cox Rust Effect Water Feature, £295

What could be more soothing on a warm winter's evening than the sound of water gently trickling away in a stunning water feature? If you fancy enjoying that picture in real life, look no further than this gorgeous water feature from Cox & Cox, which is both rustic and majestically elegant. It's part of the brand's new season collection and as such, you can get 20% off with the discount code: AGEN20. But be quick, the offer ends on 30th June!

Habitat Africa Director's Chair

Habitat Africa Director's Chair, £60

Add some life to your outdoor space with this solid oak garden chair—whose print comes in seven different colorways, including yellow, orange, blue, and the above blue/white print. Super affordable at just £60, one or two would work brilliantly on a balcony—or you could purchase a collection for a larger garden.

Cox & Cox Indoor Outdoor Hanging Chair

Cox & Cox Indoor Outdoor Hanging Chair, £375

This intricate and bang-on-trend hanging chair is a great pick for those who have a garden or people with a balcony or small terrace. Just imagine curling up here with a good book and glass of wine. But best of all, the chair works for both inside and outside, so if the British weather refuses to play ball (and let's face it, the rain will return), you can safely stash it inside and enjoy it in the dry, too.

Dunelm Charles Bentley Butler Tray

Dunelm Charles Bentley Butler Tray, £69

If all you need to complete your garden set-up is a handy side table to hold your drinks and snacks, look no further! We love this stylish Butler Tray, which is the perfect size for a bottle of something fizzy and a few glasses—or, for displaying some of your favorite garden ornaments. It's also a great price, too.

John Lewis & Partners Honolulu Bar

John Lewis & Partners Honolulu Bar, £575

We might not be able to head to our favorite pub or bar at the moment, so why not bring the pub to you? This super-fun wicker honolulu bar is perfect for a party (of your household only, of course), with shelf space underneath to store your cocktail-making kit, and a roof to stave off any adverse weather. We're adding this to our list ASAP!

Swindon Grey Metal Sun Lounger

Swindon Grey Metal Sun Lounger, £100

For those of us who enjoy reclining in the garden, book in hand, hat on—this is the item for you. Sit back and enjoy the sun on this very chic grey lounger, which reclines and is rust-resistant—hooray! Just be careful not to fall asleep without your sun cream on.

John Lewis & Partners Pyramid Lantern

John Lewis & Partners Pyramid Lantern, £50

Add some ambiance to your outdoor space with this lovely lantern, which you can pop a candle into for a gorgeous warm effect on a cool winter's night. Lighting up your garden space in this way will make it look incredible—but be sure to only use it in fair weather.

Cox & Cox Ravello Dining Set

Cox & Cox Ravello Dining Set, £750

If it's an outside dining set you're after, we love this rustic yet polished option. Blending in beautifully with patios and terraces, it's 'washed' look means it looks authentic and natural, for those that would prefer a less synthetic look for their garden furniture. Plus, there's plenty of room for a feast with all the family—with the table measuring 180 cm long.

John Lewis & Partners Rye Garden Lounging Armchairs

John Lewis & Partners Rye Garden Lounging Armchairs, £470

For a slightly more affordable garden furniture option, these rattan chairs are equal measures comfortable and elegant. They're ideal for those who have a balcony (especially if you fancy becoming the envy of all your neighbors), measuring just 70cm in width. They're also durable in most weathers, but you're advised to cover them in really adverse weather.

Dunelm Indoor Outdoor Geometric Rug

Dunelm Indoor Outdoor Geometric Rug, £69 - £99

A rug might not be the first piece of garden furniture you think of, but they're becoming an outdoor must-have, and are totally on-trend at the moment. Adding an element of comfort to outdoor patios, terraces, or decking, they don't get much better than this beautiful patterned option from Dunelm. There's no need to move it indoors either as it's highly durable and easy to care for too. Plus, if you change your mind (or when winter settles in), this works just as well indoors.

Cox and Cox Portree Lounge Set

Cox and Cox Portree Lounge Set, £1,250

Inspired by the scene of a Moroccan poolside, this quirky but luxurious lounge set is perfect for dinner parties and midday brunches alike. Coming complete with two small side tables and comfortable grey cushions, it would make for an ideal place to while away an afternoon this summer.

John Lewis & Partners KETTLER Elba Low Corner 4-Seat Garden Lounging Table & Chairs Set

John Lewis & Partners KETTLER Elba Low Corner 4-Seat Garden Lounging Table & Chairs Set, £1,499

If you're on the hunt for something sleek and modern for your garden, this is the set for you. Complete with handy side tables (perfect for a jug of Pimms or carafe of wine), it's comfy and cozy whilst still looking like it wouldn't be out of place in the home itself.

Argos Home Eve Folding 2 Seater Metal Bistro Set

Argos Home Eve Folding 2 Seater Metal Bistro Set, £50

Brighten up your patio with this elegant, timeless folding chairs and table set. It's ideal for balconies as well as gardens, so should work for a range of outdoor spaces.

John Lewis & Partners KETTLER Six Seater Garden Table and Chairs

John Lewis & Partners KETTLER Six Seater Garden Table and Chairs, £1,449

Nothing says comfort and luxury like an elegant table and chairs garden set—conjuring up visions of long, sun-drenched lunches outside or warm evenings snuggled up with a glass of wine. This gorgeous set from John Lewis comes in a darker rattan and a lighter, whitewash color, to match with the palette of your garden. It's lovely and natural-looking, so will blend in with your outdoor space easily, and the set itself is durable enough to maintain its quality in all weather—so no hauling it out from the shed each time we get some sun!

Dunelm Charles Bentley Wrought Iron Bench

Dunelm Charles Bentley Wrought Iron Bench, £119

It doesn't get much prettier than this beautifully elegant bench! Seating 2-3, it's ideal for any family gatherings (in the future) and will blend in well with any pre-existing feature, neutral as it is. Dunelm does recommend painting this with a rust-proof coating before use though, to ensure it stays looking its best.

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