Glossier Cyber Monday 2020: These deals are so good you might as well admit defeat and get obsessed like everyone else

With up to 50% off, if you thought Glossier Cyber Monday wasn't for you it's time to think again

Glossier Boy Brow
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If you're interested in beauty, chances are you've heard of Glossier so will be intrigued by Glossier Cyber Monday 2020. then again I'd say there's also a decent chance you haven't actually tried any of their products. 

If this is the case, I get it! With Millennial-baiting product names and bubblegum pink bubblewrap packaging it's easy to think the cult US brand is not for you, but I'm here to tell you just how wrong you are. Oh, and to soften the blow of that haughty accusation with news of their excellent Black Friday Beauty deal

Until Midnight Monday 30th November Glossier are offering 25% off everything online and even bigger discounts up to 50% off some of their brilliant limited-edition gift sets. That's the most generous discount they have ever given - are you tempted to get involved yet? 

You should be, because the thing with beauty brands is they can only get so far with clever names and cute imagery. Many a hip brand has splashed onto the beauty scene then then dribbled back from whence they came once everyone got bored. But Glossier has gone the distance in an overcrowded market, converting hype into ultra-loyal customers who keep coming back because, simply, these products deliver. 

So if you've ever wondered what all the fuss is about Boy Brow, what on earth a Body Hero is anyway or why, at one point in 2016 you'd have to sell your first born child to get hold of a bottle of Milky Jelly Cleanser, now's the time to find out - and save some cash while doing so! 

Read on to discover my pick of  the best Glossier products to try with a juicy Black Friday discount. 

View the deals and discounts below... 

Glossier Cyber Monday special sets


The 3-Step Skincare Routine £26.25 £43 (£16.65) | Glossier  A perfect intro to Glossier skincare this combines the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Balm Dotcom for lips and priming moisturiser. With a 39% discount this would make a fab present (or self-gift for you!)


The Complete Body Hero Collection £69 £44.25 (save £24.75) |Glossier Glossier's Body Hero is a cult favourite, and this combines the original oil body wash, with a moisturising body lotion, eco-friendly exfoliating body bar and dry oil mist for extra nourishment.


Colorslide Duo + Blade £30 £15 (save £15)| Glossier These non-drag eye pencils caused a sensation when they launched for their beautiful textures, fun colours and superior staying power. Choose any two colours with 50% off and they'll throw in this chic sharpener too.


Smells Like You Set £61 £39 (save £22) |Glossier A very classy combo with Glossier's multi award winning debut fragrance, You EDP and scented hand cream. Both have the same warm, creamy and subtle fragrance designed to enhance your own natural scent. 


Milky Jelly Cleanser + Futuredew  £38 £22.50 (save £15.50) | Glossier Everything you need to get glowing skin during the colder months. Glossier's signature creamy softening face wash, and unique serum oil hybrid that leaves a dewy sheen on the skin. 


The Core Lip Collection £35 £21 (Save £14) | Glossier One apiece of Glossier's huge selling lip products, including multipurpose Balm Dotcom, Generation G, a sheer matte lipstick and their brilliantly unsticky Lip Gloss. With 40% this is an absolute steal!

Glossier Cyber Monday hero products


Glossier Boy Brow, £14 £10.50 (save £3.50) | Glossier This is an icon for a reason - it's pretty much the perfect brow product. A little tube of gel with an even smaller wand that makes gappy or fine brows look fluffier and more defined but, crucially, still completely natural. The colours are great and the tiny tube lasts a mystifyingly long time.


Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser £15 £11.25 (save £3.75) | Glossier The name alone is pretty tempting, isn't it? As promised this shapeshifts from a fresh gel into a creamy, oily milk as you wash. It cleans and softens without stripping the skin and thanks to that handy pump makes an ideal morning shower cleanser. 


Glossier Generation G £14  £10.50 (save £3.50) | Glossier It's nigh-on impossible to make a lip product that's not been done before, but Glossier managed it here with this sheer yet matte lippie. Think punchy colour with a blotted-down finish. A fun shade selection makes this a lovely gift or stocking filler too.


Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash £15£11.25 (save £3.75) | Glossier Can you imagine what it would be like if someone took all the lovely things they put into face cleansers and made a body wash instead? Well, Imagine no more because here it is, with seven lovely oils, a rich  silky texture and top-brass skin softening powers. What a world!

There are plenty of other Glossier Cyber Monday deals worth your attention - far too many to mention here, but well worth perusing here  with that juicy discount.

Just please don't blame me if you develop a full blown Glossier obsession and end up on everlasting waiting lists for their next 'drop'. 

You have been warned. 

Fiona McKim

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