This website will book you a surprise city break – and prices starts from just £100!

Fancy winging your next holiday?

book holidays

We’ve all heard of websites that let you book holidays last minute for a great price, but a new travel website is taking the element of surprise to a whole new level.

When you book holidays through, it sends you on a surprise journey. All the website needs to know is the dates of travel, the standard of accommodation you want, and where your nearest airport is.

But don’t worry, you’re not left completely in the dark when it comes to your trip. After all, who would want to jet off to a cold climate with nothing but swimwear and sundresses? Not us, that’s for sure!

To make sure you’re prepared, you’ll receive a single clue for your trip in the form of a weather forecast five days before you’re due to travel. Your destination will finally be revealed two hours before you fly there.

book holidays

If you’d prefer some more stability with your trip, the website offers you the chance to book holiday packages so you can set some boundaries. If you’d prefer to go somewhere brand new, then the New Places package lets you tick off cities you’ve already been to.

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Or, if you can’t stand the cold, choose the Summer Holiday package to ensure you end up somewhere where you can relax poolside or by the beach. You can even choose inside or outside Europe to really customise it.

The cheapest option for those on a budget is labelled Best Price, but there are some limitations to ensure you’re getting a good deal. You could end up in shared accommodation instead of a hotel, and fly at cheap times which means early, so you’d have to set alarms!

However, all flights and accommodation are thoroughly vetted by staff who say that they’ll only send you somewhere they’d like to stay themselves. Phew.

The team adds, “We ask ourselves are the rooms clean and tidy? Is it centrally located and close by easily accessible public transport? And we only select accommodations that are rated 8 or higher on independent review sites.”

Sounds exciting! Definitely worth a try...

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