New research shows millions of us are feeling overwhelmed trying to plan the perfect holiday

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Millions of Brits say they feel overwhelmed by the stress and pressure of planning holidays, new research has found.

The volume of recommendations given by friends, family, TV and social media is leading many people to worry about the outcome of their holiday and even feel anxious about going.

A massive four in 10 said the deluge of information is taking away the enjoyment of searching for the perfect getaway.

One in five feel ‘overwhelmed’ and many others ‘confused’ and ‘anxious’ about what they should and shouldn’t book, the poll of 2,000 holidaymakers found.

A further 43 per cent said they have felt ‘worried’ about missing out on experiences during their holiday as they try to tick off everything on their lengthy to-do list.

The research was commissioned by Icelandair, which is launching a new Buddy Hotline service – connecting passengers to trusted locals for ‘insider’ knowledge and personalised travel recommendations.

Icelandair’s CCO, sales and customer experience, Birna Ósk Einarsdóttir, said, “We know travelers are seeking more unique experiences guided by advice from trusted local sources.

“The research also shows that the increase in travel reviews and recommendations has brought an added pressure to consumer’s holiday planning to fit everything in.''

The study also found fake reviews have affected how trustworthy advice is, with 60 per cent being more aware of them today than they were five years ago, resulting in four in five trusting reviews less.

The most reliable sources were revealed as friends, according to 49 per cent, followed by family.

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Over half would like to get more information first hand from locals when they are in a new country.

Reasoning for this was found to be because 48 per cent believe locals have more knowledge than any other source and almost one third want a more authentic experience.

Similarly, one in 10 would rather explore places citizens of the country have recommended, above the famous sight-seeing spots, and over one quarter want to discover hidden gems.

As well as seeking advice from locals, many like to feel like a native while in another country, with one third eating like a local and four in 10 shopping locally, in an attempt to travel more sustainably.

Social media has had a huge impact on holiday choices, from location to activities, withone quarter admitting they have felt the need to visit somewhere because they’d seen it on a social platform.

The study, conducted via OnePoll, also found one in 10 have screen-shotted photos of sights they want to see based on other people’s experiences and listed Facebook and Instagram as sources they go to for recommendations.

Birna Ósk Einarsdóttir added, “Our new Buddy Hotline service feeds this consumer appetite for ‘insider’ knowledge and is a great fit with our staff who, as Icelanders, have such a passion for warmly welcoming and hosting travelers from across the world.”

The Buddy Hotline launches today and is available to all Icelandair passengers to enjoyfrom 10th April to 8th May. To find out more