Travel lovers are spending up to two hours a week dreaming of their next vacation, and this is where they want to go most…

Oh, to travel again!

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Optimists among you will have already have your passport to hand and the best travel pillow packed because another year without an adventure doesn’t bear thinking about. 

According to a new study, over a third of us are spending up to two hours a week fantasizing about dream destinations, from trekking in Tibet and eating sushi in Tokyo, to relaxing on one of Italy’s beautiful islands.

With travel being one of the main sources of motivation over the past year, Brits are longing for more adventure than ever before with nearly a quarter of people saying they plan to spend more money on their next holiday, and many considering a full-on round-the-world trip as soon as lockdown restrictions allow. 

The study, by Club Med (opens in new tab) also revealed the most dreamed about destinations and unsurprisingly, the crystal clear waters of the Maldives took the top spot. 

It seems a third of the nation has fallen in love with the idea of spending a week or two, literally on top of the ocean, in a water bungalow for serious seclusion and serenity.

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But it isn't all sun and seascapes people are dreaming of as coming up a close second are those elusive Northern Lights. 37% of those surveyed are obsessed with catching a glimpse of the magical and mysterious lights, most likely seen in the skies above Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. 

With the recent news that Iceland is now allowing US, UK and EU citizens who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter the country without testing and quarantine, it looks like the Northern Lights might just get the views they deserve this year.

Taking third place is another archipelago in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles. Often labelled the most beautiful islands on earth, the Seychelles promise deserted coastline dotted with banyan and palm trees, coral bays and the chance to see hawksbill turtles in the wild, all whilst staying in some of the most luxurious interiors imaginable.

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It’s no wonder so many of us are spending hours daydreaming when the views are this sublime. 

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