Great Gravy Recipe

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  • wine
  • stock
  • seasoning
  • cornflour
  • cold water


  • The essential thing is a great piece of meat, which will give you much better meat juices. You can make the gravy while the meat is resting. Drain the fat from the roasting tin and place the tin on the hob.

  • Add your wine – red for beef, white for chicken and maybe cider for pork – and bubble up to boil off the alcohol, scraping up the residue from the meat juices.

  • Add stock and seasoning, and stir well. In a cup, mix a tablespoon of cornflour with some cold water, then add it to the rest to thicken.

  • Taste for seasoning. You can now transfer it to a saucepan to have it piping hot when you are ready to serve.

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