Wondering how to heal a broken heart? This new book might just have the answer...

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New book, How To Heal A Broken Heart, by journalist Rosie Green looks at heartbreak and how we can recover from it.

Heartbreak is a universal feeling. At some point in our lives, we will likely go through a break-up and ask that universal question posed best by Al Green, ‘How can you mend a broken heart?’ 

From toxic boyfriends to cheating partners, there are all sorts of reasons break-ups may be a good idea. But that doesn’t make the fallout any easier. 

Luckily, How To Heal a Broken Heart is already set to be one of the best books of 2021 so whip out your best eReader and get ready to heal. 

Rosie reveals that her husband of 14-years ended their marriage out of the blue in 2018, after a total of 26 years together.

She told The Evening Standard that she wrote this book because she found herself struggling to relate to any books about heartbreak. “When mine [heart] was smashed into a million pieces there was nothing on the shelves that spoke to me, that offered a story I could relate to and advice I could adhere to,” she said. 

All she needed was real advice instead of wishy-washy ideas about self-improvement. “I wanted to read something that would offer me comfort in the darkest of times and give me hope that brighter ones were coming. I wanted practical advice to get me out of the black hole I was in and to give me the tools and advice I needed to emerge from it all stronger, happier and more self aware,” she said. 

Rosie states that breakups can leave you desperate and "willing to risk anything to get them back." She explains, "heartbreak is cataclysmic, it changes everything," which can leave you frantically searching their social media pages or texting them in the hopes that they will give you some kind of satisfaction.

In the book, Rosie details clear ways to help you heal from your break up. Five of the most important steps that she highlights are as follows, 1. Understand your brain, 2. Create your own certainties, 3.Visualize the future, 4. Make your home cosy and warm, and 5. Flirt online. 

Throughout the book, Rosie explains in great detail why these simple steps are considered her ‘heartbreak toolkit’ - steps that can help even the most shattered hearts feel whole again. 

The author suggests that ultimately the devastating divorce she went through could have been the best thing that ever happened to her. “A friend told me breakups are a gift and it’s true, there are things I’d never have experienced if it hadn’t happened. I wouldn’t have the level of self-awareness I do now and there’s also the excitement of new experiences" she said.

Fans are already excited about the book with one commenting, "I'm reading your book at the moment. It is such a massive help. When I’ve finished it I will read it all over again!" Another commented, "My copy has just arrived. Utterly brilliant and a great comfort thank you."

Rosie states that she is far more independent since her break up and this has given her a new lease of life. She said, "One of the biggest gifts is knowing I can survive on my own now. I don’t need somebody to have a happy, fulfilling life. For me, it’s just the cherry on the cake.”

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