Our most common sex-related worries have been revealed

A new survey has discovered the most common worries women and men have when it comes to sex

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A new survey from Illicit Encounters have surveyed 2,000 people and found the most common concerns that women and men have when it comes to sex. 

Metro reports, “the survey found that 78% of women and 62% of men experienced worry or anxiety before sleeping with a new partner for the first time.” However, these anxieties are very different and present differently in different genders.

For women, the most common anxiety when it comes to intercourse is that it will be a letdown. Interestingly this concern doesn’t even reach the top ten concerns that the men surveyed had. Similarly, while women said that they were concerned that they wouldn't orgasm, the survey did not report that this was a concern for men. However many men did express concern that their partner wouldn't orgasm, or would potentially fake having an orgasm. 

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The women surveyed also had various worries that concerned their body image. The second most common worry among the women surveyed is that their partner will not like their body, particularly their breasts. 

This seemed to be a common concern for both genders. Likewise, the second most common concern for men was about their body image. Specifically, men are concerned about being out of shape and have anxietites about their ‘man boobs.’

Another top concern for women is that they are not perfectly groomed. Unsurprisingly, this is not a major concern for the opposite sex, as the same expectations for grooming are not imposed on men as they are on women. Many women allegedly worried about their bikini line, leg hair, and 'Bridget Jones knickers.' None of these anxieties featured as concerns that men had about themselves or their partner. 

It also seems that a common concern for both men and women is that we won’t shape up to our partner’s former lovers. For women, this is the 10th most popular concern, for men this concern was rated more highly as their 7th most popular concern.

So although there may be various differences, it also appears that there are some anxieties we are all likely to share. 

Women’s top ten sex worries 

1. Sex will be a let-down  

2. He won’t like my body, particularly my boobs  

3. Have I sorted my bikini line and shaved my legs? 

4. Bridget Jones big knickers 

5. I won’t orgasm 

6. Embarrassung noises during sex

7. He will want oral sex  

8. We will get interrupted 

9. Squeaky bed or banging headboard 

10. I won’t shape up to his ex 

Men’s top ten sex worries

 1. It will be over too soon 

2. She won’t orgasm 

3. Man boobs – being out of shape 

4. I’m not big enough 

5. Is she faking it? 

6. Booze affecting my performance 

7. I won’t shape up to her ex  

8. Squeaky bed or banging headboard 

9. Bad breath 

10. We will get interrupted

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