This honeymoon destination could help your marriage last longer

Your honeymoon destination could determine the success of your marriage...

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Honeymoon destinations are the stuff of dreams, as couples excitedly plan where they want to celebrate the start of their married lives. 

Whether you’re looking for a tropical beach location where you can relax on the sand with your best eReader and a refreshing drink, or would rather be making your way through a snowy landscape in search of adventure, there’s a perfect destination to suit everyone. Now with the traditional wedding season fast approaching and the government’s roadmap out of lockdown seeing restrictions ease, couples will soon start to dream of their perfect honeymoon again. 

And it seems that a honeymoon destination could be even more significant than you think. surveyed 3,100 recently divorced couples, looking to discover if there was a correlation between honeymoon destination, and being lucky in love. 

It turns out - there is! And there is one location that is luckier than any other when it comes to successful long-lasting marriages…

What is the luckiest honeymoon destination?


The survey results revealed that the top marriage-strengthening honeymoon location is Maui! 

Out of the divorced and separated couples surveyed, only 1% had honeymooned on this picturesque Hawaiian island - showing it is quite the lucky destination! Maui is the second largest Hawaiian Island - also known as ‘The Valley Isle’. 

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During winter months happy honeymooning couples might even be lucky enough to see breath-taking views of migrating humpback whales! And the Haleakala Visitor Center in Haleakala National Park makes for the perfect vantage point for truly spectacular sunrises.

With its stunning beaches, clear blue waters and beautiful skyscapes, who wouldn’t want to start off married life here?

What are the other top honeymoon destinations?

It may be the luckiest honeymoon destination for longer marriages, but the paradise island of Maui might not be every newlywed’s perfect choice. Narrowly missing out on the top spot are Napa Valley in California and Nairobi, Kenya. 

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These are the joint second-best locations to honeymoon if you want to maximize the odds of your marriage being a happy, long-lasting one, with only 2% of those surveyed having chosen it as their honeymoon destination.

With sprawling vineyards and delicious wine-tasting opportunities to be enjoyed, Napa Valley is the perfect relaxing destination if beaches aren’t for you.

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The bustling city of Nairobi is not only a brilliant destination in its own right, but makes for the perfect honeymoon starting point for anyone wanting to go on safari in Kenya’s stunning countryside.

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(Image credit: Kittikorn Nimitpara via Getty)’s study also found that Cancun and Bangkok are joint third-best marriage-strengthening locations, with only 3% of divorced couples honeymooning there.

Whether you’re planning your honeymoon or even dreaming of one in the future, it seems that if you want to be lucky in love, these are the locations that should be top of your list!

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