Zara Tindall reveals the impressive childhood privilege that she received - but the Queen's other grandchildren missed out on

In a recent interview, Zara Tindall revealed that she and her brother Peter were treated to this impressive privilege - unlike other royals

In a recent interview, Zara Tindall revealed that she and her brother Peter were treated to this impressive privilege - unlike other royals
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Zara Tindall revealed that she and her brother had a special privilege growing up that wasn't afforded to other members of the Royal Family in their childhood.

On Wednesday, August 2, Mark Phillips and his children, Zara and Peter were interviewed by ITV about the upcoming Festival of British Eventing that is held at Princess Anne's home Gatcombe Park.

The horseriding event has been held at Princess Anne's home since 1983 and has become a staple of horseriding events in the UK which has been running for four decades. Princess Anne and Captain Phillips, moved into the property in November 1977, the same month of Peter Phillip's birth, meaning that he and Zara have been invited to all of the events since its conception. 

This is slightly different for other members of the Royal Family - some of whom lived primarily in apartments in London - rather than in the sprawling countryside where equestrian events are hosted.

Gatcombe Park

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Speaking about the privilege of being invited to this event, and being able to interact with world class equestrian athletes, Peter Phillips, who has taken over as the event's director, said, "I don't remember a summer without the horse trials growing up."

Zara chimed in to say that being able to rub shoulders with these athletes was helpful to her as a 'horse person'.

"The top riders came and rode here," she said. "They were always walking the course." Zara added this provided her with an opportunity to talk to them about their spot and learn from the best. "As a horse person, I always try to get involved in the chats that my father is having with them."

Peter Philips, Savannah Philips and Isla Phillips at the Memorial service for The Duke Of Edinburgh

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Although she certainly benefitted from being able to speak to these athletes and be around this sporting event at such a young age, Zara admitted she hates having to compete at this event. Princess Anne's only daughter admitted that she is concerned about looking 'stupid' by competing badly at a place where she should have a home advantage.

"I really don't like competing at home," she said. "I have massive fear I'm going to go the wrong way." She then joked, "Obviously I know the courses and kind of where it goes and I'm like 'oh my god I'm going to go the wrong way and then I am going to look really stupid'."

Zara Phillips of Great Britain riding High Kingdom in action in the Show Jumping Equestrian event

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Princess Anne's children then admitted they were 'hugely fortunate' to have spent ther childhood at Gatcombe House. "We are hugely fortunate to be able to grow up in a place like this... the festival weekend is one of the opportunities to be able to share this beautiful place with lots of people who are coming to watch a fantastic sport," said Peter.

Zara agreed that growing up at this home taught her 'so much'. "It was a great place to grow up around horses, looking after animals - the respect and partnership that you have to build with the animals, it teaches you so much you know growing up and as a kid," said Zara. "It really is an amazing life starting to be outside as well you know all the time."

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