Princess Anne labelled 'badass' as she dons bold tartan skirt and 'very trendy shades' and we couldn't agree more

Princess Anne was labelled a 'badass' following a recent engagement in Scotland as she wore a 'fabulous' tartan skirt and snazzy sunnies

Princess Anne was labelled a 'badass' following a recent engagement in Scotland as she wore a 'fabulous' tartan skirt and snazzy sunnies
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Princess Anne was labelled a 'badass' after a recent royal engagement as she wore some snazzy sunglasses and a bold navy and red ensemble.

On Thursday, images of Princess Anne at a rehearsal for this year’s Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo were released on social media. The Princess was snapped watching the rehearsal, meeting with performers and support staff on the parade ground.

For this official engagement, the Princess wore a tartan-style skirt which featured colours of blue, green and bright red. This traditional pattern was complemented by the Princess's navy jacket and bag, and her red cravat-style scarf that she tied around her neck. 

The Princess perfectly completed this look by adding a modern accessory to her traditional ensemble. Anne wore a pair of snazzy sunglasses that shielded her from the sun and added a fun trendy style to this look.

Commenters were extremely complimentary about the Princess's sunglasses. "Princess Anne's sunglasses 🔛🔝" said one fan. "Very trendy shades on the Princess Royal," added another. "Those glasses are fabulous!" a third added."*Great* sunglasses on the Princess Royal -- very mod!" yet another royal fan added.

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Fans loved this appearance from the Princess and many took to social media to compliment her. "Always doing her duties with no fuss no drama well done Princess Royal 👸" said one commenter. "She's such a Badass!!!! Love her," added another.

Others compared the Princess to her late mother, Queen Elizabeth II. "The Princess Royal is a chip off the old block 👏🥰🙏 I have so much respect for her," said one commenter. "She is by far the most like her mom, she walks with grace and respects the crown!" said another.

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The Princess has had an extremely busy schedule over the last few months but Princess Anne is set for a well-deserved break after a packed summer schedule. It has been revealed that for the majority of August, the Princess Royal is not scheduled to have any major royal appearances or engagements. 

This is great timing for the royal as Princess Anne’s 73rd birthday is on August 15, and typically she likes to enjoy a bit of time out of the royal spotlight around her special celebratory day.

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