Why won't Meghan and Harry stop insulting the Royal Family?

Royal Expert and guest columnist for woman&home, Emily Andrews, reveals all...

Meghan and Harry stop insulting the Royal Family
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Royal Expert Emily Andrews discusses all things royal in a guest column for woman&home magazine, The Royal Insider. 

They’ve found their freedom, moved thousands of miles away across the pond, bought an £11m mansion in Montecito, set up their own charity and want to do ‘good’ in the world. 

So why is it that they continually want to ‘tell their own story’ and invade their own privacy? The obvious answer, of course, is that it brings them big bucks. Netflix reportedly signed a £71 million contract with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, so an interview about their philanthropy was unlikely to be enough. 

Ratings only come with talking about the institution they so publicly left – thus they keep profiting from the hierarchy that they say drove them out. The jewel in the crown of Netflix’s deal is this latest six-part docuseries simply entitled Harry and Meghan.

Harry & Meghan

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It shares ‘the other side’ of their love story, the challenges they faced, and aims to ‘paint a picture of our world and how we treat each other’. The couple allowed film crews unlimited access to them and gave in-depth interviews for the series. They even shared a number of unseen photos from their own personal albums, including wedding pictures, holiday snaps, and professional shots from inside their British home, Frogmore Cottage

What’s astonishing is that as working royals, Harry and Meghan always complained of not having enough privacy, of having to live their life in the public eye. But with these latest revelations and brickbats hurled against the royals, it’s becoming clearer that perhaps what they most wanted was money. And lots of it. 

Footage of Harry and Meghan crying has yet to be seen

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By making this kind of content, they are blowing up any remaining relationships they retain with the King and Prince of Wales. Prince William is furious with his brother and sister-in-law – not least because Netflix used his and Kate’s first overseas trip to the USA as Prince and Princess of Wales to start promoting the show. 

Charles is sad and upset that old family wounds are being raked up again. Harry and Meghan need a new mantra besides ‘we want to tell our story’, particularly as they’ve done it so many times now. 

They should look ahead and give people reasons to care and be interested in them beyond their past and royal ties. It’s the only way they can move forward and leave the past behind. Whether they want to is a different matter.

Royal Expert

Emily Andrews is a British Journalist, Broadcaster, and Royal Commentator. Emily currently works freelance and her name has appeared in Woman, Woman&Home, Daily Mail, Fabulous, Fox News, The Mail on Sunday, The Sun, and The New York Post.